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Include additional fields in Standard Fixed Asset ALV reports

Author: D033258, SAP AG

How to include additional fields in standard reports.

Every Fixed Asset ALV report has a predefined Field catalogue structure with the naming convention

            FIAA_SALVTAB_xxxxxx *


  • Asset Balances -> FIAA_SALVTAB_RABEST (out of RABEST_ALV01)
  • Asset History Sheet -> FIAA_SALVTAB_RAGITT (out of RAGITT_ALV01)
  • Asset Transaction List -> FIAA_SALVTAB_RABEWG (out of RABEWG_ALV01)
  • Planned depreciation List -> FIAA_SALVTAB_RAHAFA (out of RAHAFA_ALV01)

Customer owned structures

Every predefined Field catalogue FIAA_SALVTAB_XXXXXX includes a customer owned structure

            CI_REPxxxxxx *



Procedure to include additional fields

Procedure in the example of program RABEST_ALV01 (out of note 335065):

  1. Call up the ABAP Dictionary (Transaction SE11) and enter 'Data type' FIAA_SALVTAB_RABEST.
  2. Select Include CI_REPRABEST (double-click).
  3. In the table, enter the fields which you want the system to include additionally in the report.
  4. Activate the change.
  5. When you next start the program, change the layout.Copy the new field from the column set to the column selection.

->Result: the system displays the field in the output list.

Restrictions and Recommendations


-> You can always only include fields that are transferred to the report by the logical database. These are typically fields of structures

  • ANLAV [containing ANLA (Asset Master), ANLZ (time-dependent data) and ANLU (user-defined fields)] and
  • ANLB.

->This method is not available for report RASIMU02. Read Note 427827 for an enhancement of RASIMU02.


-> Transfer only the fields actually required since every added field impairs the performance.
-> The fields that are additionally included are supplied with values within the program by a MOVE-CORRESPONDING statement. That is why it is necessary to designate the added fields to the exact corresponding fields of the original tables or original structures.
-> The component type also has to agree to ensure a correct format. Therefore, always check the names of the fields in the initial structures (ANLAV, ANLB) and which type they are. Then copy the entries to the CI_REPRA... structure identically.
-> For fields that contain either currency amounts or quantity specifications, you have to specify reference tables and reference fields. You can assign the reference fields on the Currency/quantity fields tab page.
-> Activating CI_REPRA...-structure usually leads to warning messages, because you insert fields in SAP namespace in a customer owned structure. You can ignore these warnings here and activate the structure even so.

Ordinary fields

a) Asset description long text (in structure ANLAV) and
b) Depreciation key (in structure ANLB)

Warning Message during activation

Date Fields

a) Deactivation date (in structure ANLAV) and
b) Acquisition date (in structure ANLAV)

Quantity Fields I

Quantity and unit of measure (in structure ANLAV)

Quantity Fields II

In addition, you also have to enter 'ANLA' as reference table and 'MEINS' as reference field for the quantity field on the Currency/quantity fields tab page.

Currency Fields I

Asset scrap value (in structure ANLB)

Currency Fields II

In addition, you also have to enter 'T093B' as reference table and 'WAERS' as reference field for the quantity field on the Currency/quantity fields tab page.

Changing Layout I

Changing Layout II

Changing Layout III

Changing Layout IV

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1 Comment

  1. Guest

    Great tip to include fields in the reports of FI/AA.
    In my case I includes the field SCHRW table ANLB only stop display. Then I did the coding required in the report PERFORM FILL_OUTTAB_LINE RAGITT_ALV01 (Asset History Sheet).

    Thank you!