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The purpose of this page is describing how customizing the Payment Terms using transactions defining distinct percentage and payment terms against the instalment.   


Payment term Terms are responsible for calculate the due date for a payment as well installment payments, default payment method and cash discount. Vendor/Customer master data supports one Payment Term associated.  So, in order to use distinct percent and payment terms against an instalment it is necessary create a “parent” Payment Term to define in Vendor/Customer master data.  


Payment terms are defined in OBB8 transaction. 

In order to customize distinct percentage and payment terms against the instalment it is necessary create a main Payment Term. These terms of payment is ticked as instalment method. This indicator is responsible for broken down the invoice amount into partial amounts with different due dates.. If installment payment terms are used then the vendor/customer line item will be split into different line items in FI and each one containing terms of payment key (BSEG-ZTERM).



The instalment Payment Terms are created in OBB8 transaction also.





Assign this “main” Payment Term to the Vendor Master Data.



In OBB9 we will specify the Percentage and payment term against the instalment 





Create a document in FB01 for the vendor that is associated to the main Payment Term created.


Enter the expense line item







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