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Instruction Book of Transaction EWCT



The purpose of this page is to briefly introduce the usage of the transaction EWCT to the users.



This is an article in which the basic functionalities of the transaction EWCT are introduced.


How to use:

The first thing to do when you execute the transaction EWCT is to choose the source currency and the target currency.  Here we take EUR and USD as an example.



The system derives the system date as a default value and you could enter any date you want in order to get different exchange rates maintained in transaction OB08. You are allowed to manually enter different exchange rates in the field Rate to get various results.


In the tab Special logic for conversion, you are able to convert the calculation between local currency and foreign currency since there could be different exchange rates maintained for the same pair of currencies.



If you enter a third currency in the field On currency, the system then calculates the exchange rate twice taking this third currency as an intermediate. For instance, you enter JPY in this field, currency EUR would be converted into JPY and then the final result comes from JPY to USD afterwards.


In this scenario, the flag on the right side of the field On currency to choose the converting direction works as well.


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