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Introduction Book for SAPFACC0


The purpose of this page is to briefly introduce the usage of the report SAPFACC0 to the users.



This is an article in which the basic functionalities of the report SAPFACC0 are introduced.


How to use:

The main screen of the report SAPFACC0 is quite simple. There is only one single input field for the billing document number.



A brief execution run time report of the program is shown after the user enters the billing document number and clicks on the Execute button.



All the functionalities are contained in the four buttons above.

         1. Follow-on document


By clicking on this button, the user is able to check the data in the accounting document which is generated by the interface from SD.



Here you could drill down to the related documents to check the detail.


          2. Sender document


The data of the SD billing document which sends the data to the accounting could be found here.



         3. Interface data


There are three parts here for the interface data which is accounting header information, accounting item information and FI/CO item – currencies.



By double clicking on each line, you are able to check the individual fields transferred in the interface with their value.



          4. Error message


This button is used only in case there are errors during the interface data transmission. The user is able to check the error messages which are generated in the SD/FI interface.



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