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To use the invoice summary functions for Japan, you have to carry out the IMG activities and implement the Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) as listed. Before you do this, however, you first have to activate the relevant application for Japan and, if required, specify the factory calendar to be used.



To activate the application for Japan, on the SAP Business Framework: Business Transaction Events screen, choose Settings -> Identification -> SAP Applications. On the Change View: BTE Application Indicator: Overview screen, select the indicator for the application ISJP.

To keep your invoice summary data consistent, do not deactivate the application (not even temporarily) once you have started working with the invoice summary.

To specify a factory calendar, carry out the IMG activity Enter Global Parameters. Select your company code, and choose the Details icon. Choose the Additional Details pushbutton. In the Invoice Summary Factory Calendar field, enter JP if you want to use the standard factory calendar delivered, or enter your own factory calendar if you have created one in the IMG activity Maintain Calendar.

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