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Message KE396 results from a consistency check that is indispensable for the integrity of profitability analisys. It is important to mention that the error is, in almost all cases, correct, and has it's source in customizing and/or user_exit usage.

An example of the error:
Inconsistency between a document field and the prof. segment number
Message no. KE396
A line item was assigned to a profitability segment (number 1234567891) which has the value  for characteristic Plant. The original document (FI document, sales order, internal order, etc.), however, contains XXXX in this field. It is therefore inconsistent with the profitability segment found.

System Response
The characteristics in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) must have the same characteristic values as the original document. For example, you cannot
assign a sales order to a different customer or product than the one contained in the original sales order. If you wish to fill the characteristics with different contents, you must change the original fields.

Enter the correct characteristic values on the CO-PA assignment screen.
The system will automatically assign a corresponding profitability segment number. If it is not possible to enter values in some of these fields, delete the entire assignment to a profitability segment number and then enter it again.
As a rule, you should first enter the fields in the original sender document and then make the assignment to a profitability segment.

The example above show a difference in characteristic 'Plant', which indeed existed. 


What can be done in this case?

First, set a watchpoint on sy_msgno 396 and check where the error is triggered. If derivations are being used in KEDR, it's important to check the conditions. Sometimes "overwrite when new value is found" is set, which can produce a difference in the field.

It is also known that customers who have used note 638097 to change characteristics, can receive, as mentioned by the note, error KE396:
Consider: After the implementation of the attached correction error  message KE396 can be issued with regard to the affected characteristics.

The consistency check can be considered, in some cases, too strict. There are a few notes that can help in this case.

1493363    Error message KE396 occurs after changing item category
528495     KE 396 with multiple account assignment or add profit center
376863     Error message KE 396 when you settle freight costs
321725     KE396 f. charact. 'Customer' in third-party transactions
175782     KE396 for MM documents with collective processing
129975     KE396 for characteristic 'business area' (GSBER)
92803      RFBIBL00: KE396 for Direct input -> (for 4.6C and below)


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