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This section covers all aspects of the Lease Acconting Module (FI-LA), a.k.a., Lease Accounting Engine FI-LAE.

 A few basics starting with links to various help files.  The SAP Leasing Solution is composed of a few key SAP components:

CRM Leasing - The front end for all lease processing begins with the CRM system.  CRM utilizes principally Quotations and Contracts along with IPC and FIMA to price leases.

CRM Billing  - Contracts generate Billing Requirement Items (BRIs) which are selected via the Billing Due List

CRM TTE - Transaction Tax Engine for calculating sales and lease taxes on transactions.  You can also integrate with third party solutions like Vertex O Series.

FI-CA (of FI-AR) - Contracts Accounts Payable and Receivable is the standard choice of the leasing application for handling AR and Cash Application

Syndications - This is a very new module that is was created by an external company, TXS, and handles the process of securing outside financing companies to fund the lease deals

SAP Banking/CML - The Commerical Loans Management module integrates with Syndications to turn the funding stream into Notes Payables for remiting lease payments back to the banks

Lease Accounting Engine (FI-LA or FI-LAE) - This is a core module within Financial Accounting and provides all of the posting support or leases including:

  • Classification - Using FI Substitutions, you take information from the leased asset and determine its classification, e.g. operating/capital (Direct Finance, Sales Type) with or without Bargain Purchase Option.
  • Fixed Assets - You can directly integrate with Fixed Assets module to create and capitalize assets.  With parallel accounting you can create the book and tax elements of the assets.  With subsequent changes to leases, e.g. terminations, extensions, you can handles updates to the assets, calcluation of net book values, etc.
  • Accrual Engine - FI-LAE shares the power of the ACE FI Accrual Engine to post accruals, e.g. Unearned Income, etc.
  • One Time Postings - For those accounting entries that take place once, there are also ways to let the FI-LAE generate one time postings, e.g. inventory relief, miscellaneous costs,e tc.