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This document lists available Knowledge Base Articles relevant to Asset Accounting (all areas FI-AA*). It  may not be complete. Further KBA's may be found via available search tools and criteria/terms.


These Knowledge Base Articles (KBA's) are created on a ongoing basis and contain information on a particular functionality or errors within Asset Accounting area. In some cases, it is stating the standard behaviour; in some cases they will show how to proceed correctly or use a workaround in order to avoid an error or unexpected system behaviour. Some are created for common issues that happen within the Asset Accounting area and show possible reasons for the error or incorrect behaviour.

All of the below KBA's can be found in a standard SAP note search. Also as with all SAP Notes, also KBA's are valid for certain releases. Please ensure to check the valid release information of the KBA to ensure it is valid for your system release level.

List of Knowledge Based Articles

1    1534331 - RAPOST2000 - How to post 'planned depreciation' for subsequent posting or depreciation change in same period (FI-AA-AA-B)

2    1541110 - Error F5219 in F-02 (FB01/F-90) in 'Fast Data Entry' for Asset Posting Keys (FI-AA-AA-C)

3    1544783 - Error Message AW605 "Down Payment not cleared in DEPENDENT Depreciation Area" (FI-AA-AA-C)

4    1586025 - Copy & Paste Function in Transactions ABAVN, ABUMN, ABAON or ABNAN regarding 'Multiple Assets' (FI-AA)

5    1587917 - Transaction ABUB not available in SAP Easy Access Menu (FI-AA-AA-I)

6    1594183 - Unexpected Error Message AU133 in Settlement Transaction AIBU (FI-AA-AA-C)

7   1594311 - Duplicate posting in non-leading ledger when APC transaction is performed (FI-AA-AA-C)

8    1600461 - Transaction AFAB (RAPOST2000) - Error AA696 (FI-AA-AA-E)

9    1609794 - Short dump ASSERTION_FAILED in Asset Transactions (table-field ANLA-HAS_TDDP vs table ANLBZA) (FI-AA-AA-A)

10   1612937 - Transaction OAVC - Logical Field Group Assignment in Validation for Asset Master (FI-AA-AA-A)

11  1626675 - V2-postings in relation to tables APERB_ITEMS & APERB_PROT and transaction ARAL ((FI-AA-AA-E)

12  1642273 - Asset Accounting Reports: Variant and User Variables (FI-AA-IS)

13  1646412 - Existing Depreciation Area deactivated in Asset Class / Depreciation Area missing in New Asset Master (FI-AA-AA-A)

14  1648583 - RW100 - FI/CO interface error in ABSO, ABUMN or AS02 (FI-AA-AA-C)

15  1659124 - Error Message AA316 or AA317 during Partial Retirement (FI-AA-AA-C)

16  1660966 - Legacy Transfer During the Fiscal Year - Posting Date for Transactions in Asset Accounting Reports (FI-AA-IS)

17  1687007 - Transaction AFAMA - Deletion of depreciation key: ACRSL043 (FI-AA-AA)

18  1687954 - Transaction AW01N: short dump ASSERTION_FAILED where derived depreciation area is involved (FI-AA-AA-A)

19  1696096 - Asset Master Data: 'Group Box Info' to see status of any field (FI-AA-AA-A)

20  1700142 - Information Message "For company code XYZ you requested a year before the transfer" in Asset Accounting Report (following Error AB064) (FI-AA-IS)

21  1711616 - Transaction AFAMA - Deactivation of depreciation key (FI-AA-AA)

22  1716506 - Transaction AW01N: multiple / duplicate asset depreciation for one period (FI-AA-IS)

23  1721276 - Error AA834 "You cannot use this transaction type to post to this Asset " in Settlement Transaction CJ88 (PS-COS-PER-SE / FI-AA-AA-C)

24  1729847 - Report RAZUGA_ALV01 does not consider transactions with transaction type 341 (FI-AA-IS)

25  1743712 - Accumulated Depreciation Difference in Asset Balances Report and Transaction AW01N or AS93: indicator "Current book value" (FI-AA-IS)

26  1759379 - Error F5A009: Reversal of Retirement in Transaction AB08 - Transaction Type 20A (FI-AA-AA-C)

27  1766666 - FI Posting Transactions for Asset Line Item: system is not accepting asset subnumber (Error AA001) (FI-AA-AA-C)

28  1775494 - Inventory Number ANLA-INVNR does not update in Asset Master Transactions (FI-AA-AA-A)

29  1777626 - Cannot save Transaction AO90 despite Implementation of SAP Note 589102 (Error Message AC301) (FI-AA-AA)

30  1787595 - Transaction OAMK: Account is not listed (FI-AA)

31  1790527 - Transaction OAMK: Company Code is not listed (FI-AA)

32  1791703 - Transaction AW01N: Down Payment - depreciation calculated (FI-AA-AA-C)

33  1794332 - Reference Field (XBLNR) in Asset Workflow (Transaction AR01) (FI-AA-AA-C)

34  1813465 - Transaction AFBP - List Assets via SchedMan Monitor/SCMO for Depreciation Run (AFAB) (FI-AA-AA-E)

35  1821002 - ABT1N - Transfer Group Currency: unexpected additional line items in FI Document (value 0.00) (FI-AA-AA-C)

36  1823307 - Depreciation Calculation where the Ord.depr.start date is before the Asset value date and in a prior fiscal year (FI-AA-AA-B)

37  1840435 - Asset Mass Retirement with Worklist: customer integration not possible (FI-AA-AA-C)

38  1845627 - Limit Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas: Parameter "Display for selection" vs "Always post"  (FI-AA-AA-C)

39  1849333 - Copy of Field Group 18 (Deactiv. area) during a Transfer (when is field ANLB-XAFBE filled?)  (FI-AA-AA)

40  1856644 - Error Message Number ACC_AA030  (FI-AA-AA)

41  1880075 - Error Message AAPO189 - Account object Segment differs from that in asset master record (Segment Reporting is activated) (FI-AA-AA-A)

42  1883561 - RAGITT_ALV01 / RABEST_ALV01: Error AU115 with indicator "Depreciation posted" / "Current book value" for certain report dates  (FI-AA-IS)

43  1911157 - Quantity displayed for Assets in Report S_ALR_87011964 (Asset Balance) (FI-AA-IS)

44  1944896 - Asset Transfer: default transaction type for some depreciation areas (FI-AA-AA-C)

45  1968618 - Transaction OAVI (Sort Versions for Asset Reporting): Sort Levels / Dynamic Selection and ALV Lists in Reporting (FI-AA-IS)

46  1980203 - Effect on a Change of Accounts in an Account Determination (FI-AA-AA)

47  1991589 - AAPO107 during AuC Settlement to Final Asset (FI-AA-AA-C)

48  2016862 - Intracompany Transfer with BAPI_ACC_ASS_TRANSFER_POST possible? (FI-AA-AA-C)

49  2018032 - BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CHANGE: change expired useful life (error message BAPI1022 004) (FI-AA-AA-A)

50  2020623 - Error Message AC689 when trying to create Multi-Level method in Transaction AFAMS (FI-AA-AA)

51  2022044 - Transaction ABT1N: Intercompany transfer with cross-system depreciation areas (book and group/parallel area) (FI-AA-AA-B)

52  2023113 - Transaction ART0 : Asset History Sheet and other (Asset Accounting) Reports can no longer be run (FI-AA-IS)

53  2071461 - BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE1 does not check required fields (FI-AA-AA-A)

54  2078809 - Message No. A3008: There is no document from Asset Accounting (FI-AA-AA-C)

55  2121494 - Transaction OADB: Ledger Scenario in Asset Accounting with Inflation/Revaluation Area (FI-AA)

56  2122985 - RAPOST2000 / Transaction AFAB: Error Message KI 188 (FI-AA-AA-E)

57 2137701 - Asset Reporting: Unexpected Layout - Check ALV-List "Initial Layout Flag" (FI-AA-IS)

58 2142834 - Transfer: Content of user field from table ANLU is copied automatically (FI-AA-AA-C)

59 2142948 - AIBU: incorrect quantity update during AuC settlement (FI-AA-AA-B)

60 2195663 - ABAON: Asset Retirement with Manual Revenue and Currency Translation (FI-AA-AA-C)








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