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Functionality of transactions MR21 and MR22

With MR21:

You can change prices, mark prices for change, and release prices for material valuation.
If the Material Ledger is active, a price change for a material with price determination 3 is only possible if there have been no goods movements relevant to valuation and no incoming invoices for the material in the period.
MR21, price changes for materials that have price determination 3 are only restricted possible if the material status is 01, 05, 10, 20 or 31.
When the previous period is closed, the status of the current period is automatically changed to 30.
That means prices can only be changed after periods were shifted and before the previous period was closed.


Check note  438342 concerning the change of price unit via transactions MR21 or MM02.
With the functionality 'Dynamic price release' active for a plant, the first goods movement in the period will release a marked standard price.
Check details on


With MR22:
You can debit/credit a material.
For materials with S price, the revaluation amount is posted to a price difference account.
For materials with V price, the revaluation amount is posted to a price difference account or a material stock account depending on the base quantity.
MR22 posting is possible any time as long as the MM and FI periods are opened.

For both MR21 and MR22 there is not an automatic translation to the parallel currencies, but the price change or the debit/credit posting should be done for each of the currencies on each of the tabs:



MR21 and error C+811


Error C+811 means that a price change is not possible as per the material status in the period.

See KBAs:
 1492789 Error message C+811 is issued when trying to change material price.
2483836 MR21 LTPC with 'default planned prices'.
There are 2 possible workarounds:

a) Reversing transactions and reset the period status to 10 with the program ZCKML_RESET_STATUS_OF_PERIOD provided by the note 574930;
This program that allows the status to be reset to 'Period opened' (10) under the following conditions:
Goods movements are completely reversed.
The collected price differences and exchange rate differences are zero in all currencies. Generally, this is also possible by reversing all transactions that have been carried out.
The status of the previous period is not 'Closing entry performed'.
The material is not locked by another user.
The relevant period is the current period.
After resetting the status, it is possible to carry out price changes in the period again.

b) Using a subsequent price change (LTPC), which functionality is provided by note 555176;
The MR21 (LTPC) allows you to make a price change, despite the transactions that you have already run. This option should only be used in URGENT CASES. In general, you should only ever make a price change at the beginning of the period. The subsequent price change introduced here does allow the price change and does not lead to inconsistencies, but errors occur in periodic consumption valuation, in particular if you have already posted consumption in the period. If possible, you should cancel consumption before making a subsequent price change.
See note 555176 and KBA 1902229 Late price change (LTPC in MR21) and display in material price analysis (CKM3).


MR21 and actual price


Check the KBA:
2435478 Standard price change and actual price in CKM3


MR21/MR22 in previous period


Check the KBAs:
2181776 Posting price change in previous period
1238496 MR21/MR22: Post to Prior Period Despite Closed Prior Period


Price change document created with revaluation amount although the standard price has not changed


Check the KBA:
2334227 Price change document created although there is no standard price change


Price unit change with MR21 or with MM02: impact on stock value


Check the note:
438342 Change of the price unit via Transactions MR21 and MM02


Standard Price in materials with special stock valuation


Check the note:
2338142 Standard Price in materials with special stock valuation


Other issues with MR21/MR22


Check the KBAs:
2450893 MR21/MR22: accounts in corresponding FI documents
 MR21/MR22 inconsistencies in current period
1140440 Late Price Change and Alternative Valuation Run
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