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This page will help you how to enter the Exchange rate manually at document level while posting document with  Foreign currency other than company code currency.



As per your business requirement if you need to enter the specific  Exchange Rate other than Transaction code OB08’s rates, specific  to  one particular document then please follow the below steps .

Company code currency is different compare to posting currency



While doing Transaction code F-02

Press ‘Enter’ Button, then sysem will through a warning Message of F5212 with Long text of “ Exchange rate 60,0000 deviates from table rate 64,0000 by 6,25%

Says with current Exchange rate as per Transaction code OB08 is maintained and how much % of deviates. Please ignore the warring message of F5212 and press ‘Enter’ button and proceed further to next screen then enter the foreign currency amount in ‘Amount’ field



Press ‘Enter’ Button and see field ‘Amount in LC’ wills calculates based on given Exchange Rate.


As per Transaction code OB08 you maintained the exchange rate 64, 00 but system is considered exchange rate 60, 00 and calculated ‘Amount in LC’ value as given by you and in same fashion remaining lines also will calculated system.

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Once document is posted then you can display at Transaction code FB03 and click icon 'Cap' Display Document Hearder' or F5, here you can find the currency details and Exchange Rate value and technical field names are BKPF-WAERS and BKPF-KURSF.  

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