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The purpose of this WIKI is to explain how to control SAP customizable messages.


It is possible to customize some SAP standard messages so that certain error messages can be changed to error, warning, information or switched off. Below you will find how to register and maintain SAP customizable messages.

Registering a Message Control

Call Transaction SM31 and enter Table/View T100S:

Choose 'Maintain' – Choose 'New Entries'(pencil): Enter application area and message number (MsgNr – i.e.: FICUSTOM 060).  Enter the adjustable message types in the "Allowed" column ("S" = success  message, "I" =  Information message, "W" = warning message, "E" = error message, "A" = termination message; an example entry could be SIWE). 

Enter the default message type in the "Standard" column. In the "Switch Off" column, indicate whether the message can be deactivated completely.

Set the Message Control

Call transaction OBA5 or OBMSG. Enter an application area. This is usually the same as the message class (i.e.: FICUSTOM).  You can set Message Control individually for every user or generally for all users. If a message does not yet exist, or if no entry exists for the required user, choose 'New entries': Enter the message number in the "MsgNr" column.  Enter users in the "User Name" column, if necessary. Enter message control for dialog in the "Dialog" column (message types as above, also "-" = switch off message.

Enter message control for background in the "Batchl" column.

If you enter a specific user, for instance, end users receive the standard error message but a user in the SAP Support group only receives a warning and is able to bypass the error.

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  1. Anonymous

    this page seems to be referenced in SAP Note 2173394 where it's recommended to turn on an (error?) message when accounting documents or journals could be changed in the source system after the migration to Simple Finance. i'm assuming this status would not change thereafter as the legacy system should no longer be used for recording financial transactions (permanent closing of the books).