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Mixed Costing

You can use Mixed Costing when:

  - Use different production process to manufacture a product.
  - Use different sources for procuring a process.

A mixed cost estimate allows you to calculate a mixed price. You can update the mixed price as a standard price, and also use this mixed price to valuate materials controlled with S price.

To be able to create the mixed price, there must exist a procurement alternative for each of the production processes or supply sources.

The mixed price is resultant by applying a weighting factor for each of the cost estimates to the procurement alternatives using equivalence numbers.

The system first costs the procurement alternatives, before mixing the cost estimates (using the defined mixing ratios) and calculating the mixed price.

How to carry out a mixed costing:

  • Define the Procurement alternatives:
    It is necessary to create one or more procurement alternative for each process category.

  • Define a quantity structure type in Customizing:

  • Define mixing ratios for the procurement alternatives in the application as based on the quantity structure type defined above:

  • Assign this quantity structure type to a costing version in Customizing:

  • You have carried out the material costing based on the above defined costing version:

Relevant notes

-If the costing lot size of a mixed costing cannot be explained please check the note  402440 which describes in detail how it is calculated.

-With mixed costing the system usually puts strategy 'Price form purchasing info record' to priority 1 if it is included in the valuation variant at any priority. Please see for further details notes:

898633  Mixed costing: Sequence of the valuation strategies.
319832  MixCostg: Only mat.master price w/cost est f.vendor.

-With the note 636967, when you enter strategy U (valuation price with USEREXIT) as priority 1, this strategy remains priority 1, and strategy L (price from purchasing information record), which is also required, receives priority 2.

-With mixed costing it is not possible to consider additive costs. Please see KBA note 1573495 ‘Additive Costs do not appear in a Mixed Costing Scenario’.

-Note 1995003 - CK74N/CK75N cannot be run in background.

-Note  1946259 Dump RAISE_EXCEPTION in the program SAPLCKMLMVSCR running CK40N or CK11N

-With KBA 1664797 Release standard prices for valuation segments of split-valuated materials, it's possible to release the price on the valuation type level.



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