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1.     Error message F5 310  -  "Document type & is only defined for batch input"

You need more information about this error message: read KBA 2190222-- Document type Batch input only in FAGL_FC_VALUATION and FAGL_FCV

2.     Error message F5 543 -  "Enter account number with a maximum of 10 characters"

Check the account determination customizing in transaction OBA1 and maintain the missing accounts.

Please review the following note and KBA for details:

548946 - FAQ: SAPF100 Account Determination

1747465 - FI Transaction FAGL_FC_VAL/FAGL_FC_TRANS throws error message F5543 "Enter accoaccount number with a maximum of 10 characters"

and wiki page:

Account determination in SAPF100, FAGL_FC_VAL and FAGL_FCV

3.     Error message F5353 - "Postings to account & (company code &) are only possible in currency &"

 For explanation please read KBA 2200591 - F5353 error message in foreign currency revaluation during balance valuation.

4.     Error message FGV 005 -  "No fiscal year variant specified"

Please read the following notes and implement when applicable:

1405448 - FAGL_FC_Val: Error message FGV 005

1728619 - FAGL_FC_VAL: Balance valuation, error FGV 005

Check customizing:

  • Check table T001 (transaction OBY6) , and make sure that  all company codes have their fiscal year variant.
  • Also check that you have defined an accounting principle and assigned it to the valuation area in the following menu path: in IMG: Financial Accounting (New) > General Ledger Accounting (New) > Periodic Processing > Valuate > "Check Assignment of Accounting Principle to Ledger Group" and "Assign Valuation Areas and Accounting Principles"

5.     Error message FR 257 - "Incorrect account determination: &1 &2 &3"

You need more information in the error message: check Notes  

 1842417 - FAGL_FCV - Account determination: Error message FR257  

 996265 - FAGL_FC_VAL: Account determination w/ incorrect company code

Program applies target accounts from table T030H instead of T030S: check Note  2030975 - FAGL_FCV: Account determination for G/L balances only from table T030S

For hints in account determination in FAGL_FC_VAL /FAGL_FCV please visit the following wiki page: Account determination in SAPF100, FAGL_FC_VAL and FAGL_FCV


6.     Error FR 363 - "No document type entered for valuation method"

Implement the following notes:

1142844 - FAGL_FC_VAL: No document type entered for valuation method

996265 - FAGL_FC_VAL: Account determination w/ incorrect company code

7.     Error FR 507 - "Valuation of account &1 reset by document &2""

when trying to create a batch input session when resetting the balance valuation , error message FR507 is issued. Please review the following note and implement if applicable:

 1628471 - FAGL_FC_VAL: Message for balance valuation reset

8.     Error FR 524 - "Log output is impeding system performance"  and

        Error  FR 525- "Creation of batch input is impeding system performance"

 For explanation please read KBA  1967927 - FR524 and FR525 messages in FAGL_FC_VALUATION

9.    Error FR 587 - "No current valuation found for account &2 in co. code &2; no reset"

Please review the following note and implement when applicable :  2166846 - FAGL_FCV: FR608 / FR587 Error message during Reset of G/L balance valuation

For release ECC617 (ERP2005 EhP7) a supplementary correction is required , in addition to 2166846:

 2218027 - FAGL_FCV: Supplement for Note 2166846 (FAGL_FCV: FR608 / FR587 Error message during Reset of G/L balance valuation)

If the text of message FR587 is incorrectly translated into english , please do the manual changes described in note :

2174659 - FAGL_FCV/FAGL_FC_VALUATION: Message FR587 incorrectly translated into English

10.   Error FR 589 - "&1/&2/&3: Valuation is during year; reversal is not possible"

The error message FR589 does not exists , please check the following note: 2153539 - FAGL_FC_VALUATION: Message FR 589 does not exist

11.   Error FR 600

  • FR 600 -  "Error in batch input field COBL- "

     Please review the notes

      1878644 - FAGL_FC_VAL: FR600 with "Error in batch input field COBL- "

      1009413 - FAGL_FC_VAL P&L acct bal val: Additional characteristics

  • FR600 - 'No direct valuation in Company code'

     When JVA (Joint Venture Accounting) is active , please review the note 1731120 - FAGL_FC_VAL: Switching off JVA check

  •  FR600 - 'Error Reading SL Data in Company Code &" '

      Please implement the note   785736 - Foreign currency valuation: Incorrect message issued

12.    Error FR 608 - "Unable to find documents with key &1; no reversal documents"

  • When applying the note 2166846 , the valuation history table FAGL_BSBW_HST_BL for the G/L balance valuation will be updated with an additional information showing whether GL balance valuation did not generate a valuation document.

      For release ECC617 (ERP2005 EhP7) a supplementary correction is required , in addition to 2166846  : 2218027 - FAGL_FCV: Supplement for Note 2166846 (FAGL_FCV: FR608 / FR587

  • The error message FR608 is issued without the company code information. Please implement this note and do the  described manual steps :

      1628793 - FAGL_FC_VAL/FAGL_FC_TRANS: FR 605/FR 608/FR 653 w/o co code


13.   Information message  FR 621 -  'Transaction FAGL_FC_VAL starting valuation program FAGL_FCV' and

        Information message  FR 618 -'Program change in FAGL_FC_VALUATION: Valuation is being executed with FAGL_FCV'

You need more information about the messages, check KBAs:   

1881355 - Message FR621/FR618 occurs in T-code: FAGL_FC_VAL, Program FAGL_FC_VALUATION.

1892199 - How to deactivate message FR621 in FAGL_FCV

14.   Message  FR 779 - 'Valuation of ledger &1 done twice: check the settings'

You need more information about the message.

 Please read KBA    1842383 - Ledger group assignment in G/L balance valuation and open item valuation

and consulting note   983847 - Foreign Currency Valuation: Balances in NEW G/L

15.  Error FR 885 account determination  ('Account determination incorrect for account &3: Entry missing')

Pelase check and  implement note 1489128 - FAGL_FC_VAL: Error FR 885 account determination , if applicable.

16.      Message FR 896 - 'Valuation posting not found for account &1; reset not possible'  (FR 608)

Please review the following notes: 

1142498 - FAGL_FC_VAL: Reset balance valuation non-leading ledger

1056640 - FAGL_FC_VALUATION: Log ( With this note message FR 896 has been replaced with message FR 608. See point 12. )

17.     Error FR 898 - 'Balance valuation for ledger &2 takes place via ledger &1'

The  error message FR 898 is issued incorrectly, please review the following note:

932542 - FAGL_FC_VAL: Error FR898 Incorrectly Output


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  1. Has anyone ever seen this error?

    Balancing field "Business Area" in line item 000 not filled

    Message no. GLT2201

    1. Dear Finbar, 

      the note  2762815 (and prerequisite notes  2524208 and 2594744) may be helpful in relation to GLT2201 in FAGL_FCV.