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Negative postings


Reverse and adjustment postings can also be marked as negative postings. A negative posting reduces the transaction figures of the G/L, customer, and vendor accounts. This allows you to give the transaction figures (reversal) the status they would have had without posting the reversed document and its reversal document. This type of reversal is called a negative posting.


The functionality of negative posting has to be used for reversal when you need to clear the effect of the postings on the Credit and Debit sessions.  

Negative Posting Indicators

There are  three indicators regarding negative postings: 

1. Global indicator on company code level

Negative posting flag in the company code (field: T001-XNEGP)

IMG  > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global Settings > Company Code > Enter Global Parameters:

It is a general flag. Only if this flag is set, is possible to do negative posting at all in this company code.

2. Negative posting flag in the document type (field: T003-XNEGP)

IMG  > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global Settings > Document > Document Header > Define Document Types:

This flag is thought for the negative manual postings.

When you manually enter documents individual line items can be marked and posted as negative postings. That means: you can set this indicator when entering line items. This particularly makes sense with adjustment postings. 

3. Negative posting flag in the reversal reasons (field: T041C-XNEGP)

IMG > Financial Accounting > General Ledger Accounting > Business Transactions  > Adjustment Posting/Reversal > Permit Negative Postings:

This indicator controls the type of reversal postings. The system then reverses the balance change of the original posting in relation to the +/- sign.


You can check the line items in relation to the negative postings logic by adding the field ’Negative Posting’ (XNEGP) in the line item display.

In case of a posting e.g. in TA FB01 the indicator on company code level and document type level is checked. If both are marked, it is allowed to enter ’negative posting’ indicator on line item level (’More data’ screen).

In case of reversing documents in TA FB08 indicator of company code and reversal reason is checked. If both indicators are set, the reversal will be posted negative.


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