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Post closing step in CKMLCP and transaction keys in the corresponding FI documents

With the Post closing step in CKMLCP (parameters), you may choose to revaluate the inventory with the actual price calculated and to revaluate the single-level consumption.
The Material Ledger closing documents and the related FI documents are posted.
The Note 908737 explains the 'Post closing' step in CKMLCP and how the FI accounts are posted when running this step.
This SAP note should help you for the analysis.

If you choose the revaluation of Ending Inventory (flag 'Revaluate material'set), the price/exchange rate differences are posted to Inventory Account BSX.
Price control is changed from 'S' to 'V' because inventory is now valuated at actual price.
The ending inventory posting is reversed immediately in the next period. For this inverse posting a separate accounting document is created with the first day of following period as posting date. So in the next period the inventory continues to be valuated at standard price (until closing of next period).
If you want to post the revaluation of consumption and CO account assignment in the closing document, the flags 'Revaluate Consumption' and 'Set CO Account Assignment' must be set.






Several common errors in the Post closing step in CKMLCP and how to solve them.

Check the following notes and KBAs:

1902762 Error message C+715 in transaction CKMLCP or CKMI 1051752 C+ 831 Allow Post Closing
1077957 Error message M8 147 when you make a closing entry
2147189 CKMI transaction displays error message KI235
2182433 Material Ledger month end closing issue error KI280
2452235 Error C+805 on CKMLCP or CKMH, single-level price determination step
2217322 KI235 - Account requires an assignment to a CO object Logic

How to close a material (status = 70) in a period before the previous one

There are two possibilities to set status 70 (closed) for a material in a period before the previous one:

If you want to have reasonable results for actual costing all over your periods, you must go back to the first period still to be closed and execute price determination and period end closing up to the current period.
You may use the workaround explained in the KBA 1523233.

If only one or several material are involved, you may use the following transactions and keywords in OK_CODE:
CKMH - Single-Level Pr. Determination -> MUST_SETTLE
CKMLCP - Revaluation of Consumption -> MUST_COGS
CKMLCP - WIP Revaluation -> MUST_WIP
CKMLCP or CKMI- Post closing -> MUST_CLOSE

If you choose this alternative, the corresponding periods should be opened in FI so that the Post closing step can be run and the related FI documents posted.

If you do not want to rely on the results from earlier periods or cannot open the corresponding FI periods, but just start from now on with actual costing for that material, you might set status 70 for the earlier periods using the report Z_ML_SET_PP_STATUS_70 included in the SAP note 645083.

Find all details in the KBA 1605489 Z_ML_SET_PP_STATUS_70 or MLHELP_SET_PP_STATUS_70.

You find that a wrong profit center has been used in the Post closing step

Check the notes and KBAs:

2277045  CKMLCP: wrong profit center used in post closing step
2048638  Revaluation of single-level consumption with profit center/business area of sender material

You are using Material Ledger Accelerator with SAP HANA and need help on the implementation or usage of the scenario of accelerated period end closing in the Material Ledger

Check the note 1654778: Performance and material ledger system resource usage

How to use the Value Flow Monitor CKMVFM and the ML Price Difference Balance Monitor CKMPDB

Check the notes and KBAs:

   744090   Value Flow Monitor: Explanation and recommendations
1664179   Poor performance in Value Flow Monitor CKMVFM, or dump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED
  524289   Material ledger: Balance on price difference accounts
1748452   ERP Accelerators: ML Price Difference Balance Monitor

Error F5727 "Maximum number of items in FI reached", in Post Closing step

Check the KBA 1519056  [VIDEO] Error F5727 in CKMLCP Post closing step

With the implementation of the note 2066349, the FI document split is always active. The logic for splitting the journal entries of the ML closing entry into several documents if the number of document line items is over 900 (which leads to error message F5 727) is always active. This logic was implemented with note 539452. The parameter SPLIT-FI-DOC no longer has to be maintained in the table CKMLMVADMIN.

The Value Flow Monitor in transaction CKMVFM: valuable information after the period-end closing in Material Ledger. How to check that all values initially posted to price difference accounts have been allocated to Consumption or to Ending Inventory after period-end closing in Material Ledger?

In Material Ledger, the reports CKMVFM (Value Flow Monitor for materials), CKMACD (Value flow monitor for activities) and CKMREDWIP (Value Flow monitor for reduced WIP) are available to detect incomplete value flows.
These reports can be executed after all value allocating CKMLCP steps (all steps before Post Closing).
Please, check the following link for further information.

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