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This page is to be used to collect all useful Transaction Codes related to Product Costing 

KKS1 - Variance calculation

CO88 - Settlement (Act. Settlement: Prod./Process Orders - Program SAPLKO71)

What is the difference between RKO7CO88 and SAPLKO71?

MMPV - MM close -> program RMMMPERI

OKV7 - Target cost versions

RKO7CO88 - Settlement: Production Orders and Product Cost Collectors

SAPKKA12 - Sales Orders: Set CO Status under Specified Conditions (Determination of the statuses Final Billing and Delivered)

RKACSHOW - This program allows the display of all cost segments for an object, if the object has a cost collector.

CKMLPOH - show process order history

MD04 - Display Stock/Requirements Situation

CS02 - Change BOM

ME2O - Stock Monitoring per Vendor

MFBF - Back flushing in Repetitive Manufacturing

S_P99_41000111 - List of Existing Material Estimates

Ciekawe trans:

ME2O - SC Stock Monitoring for Vendor - creates a list of stocks of materials provided to a vendor, with the current stock situation, planned issues and planned receipts.

CK86_99 - Valuated Multilevel BOM

KKBC_MAT - Analyze Material Estimate

KL01-activity type

Ks01-Cost centers

okog-Overhead group

okz2-overhead groups

kzb2-Calculastion base

kzz2-percentage overhead rate

kze2-define credits

okkn-assign costing sheet to costing varient

kzs2-costing sheet

okt2-costcomponent structure

opi0-work center person responsible

omdo-mrp controller


opj9-Production shedule

Kp06-plancostcenter and activity type

kp26-plan costcenter activity type

ksp1-machine down rate


cr01-Work cenetr


ck11n-creastion of costestimastion with quantity structure

ck24-mark and relese

opl1- actual costing

okg1-result analysis keys

ka06-WIP secondary cost elements

okg9-result analysis keys

okg3-valuvastion method

        -define ids

okg5-define assignments

okg4-define updates

oko6-creat allocastion structure

oko7-settilement profile

kei1-pa transfer strucuture

obyc-mm interface

opl8-define order type dependent parameters

opu3-define sheduling parameters for production orders

opjk-define cheking control

opk4-define conformastion parameters

co01-production order

mb1c-raw material recepit

mb1a-goods issued for production order

kkax-work in process calculastion


kgi2-actual overhead calculastion

co11n-conformastion of production order

mb31-production receipt aginest purchase order

ieco-technically complet order

kks2-variense calculastion

ck40n- multilevel bom

ckmlcp-edit costing run

ckme-release plannig price