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In CO-PA planning, a sales and profit plan can be created. Whereas both types of Profitability Analysis can receive actual data in parallel, there is no common source of planning data. Consequently, a plan is always made either in accounts (account-based CO-PA) or in value fields (costing-based CO-PA). In costing-based CO-PA automatic valuation can be used to calculate planned revenues, sales deductions and costs of goods manufactured based on the planned sales quantity.

Planning: manual

The manual planning function allows defining planning screens for an organization. With this reference data in planning can be displayed, formulas calculated, forecasts created and more. Planning can be performed at any degree of detail. For example, it can be at a higher level, and have this data distributed top-down automatically.

Planning: automatic

In automatic planning, actual or planning data can be copied and revaluate for a large number of profitability segments at once. planned sales quantities can also be transferred from (costing-based) CO-PA to Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) for the purpose of creating a production plan there.

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