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This WIKI has been written to explain how the amounts get allocated based on the receiver tracing and weighting factors in case of assessment cycles in transaction KEU5.


With the help of an example it is shown how the calculation of the amounts allocated happens based on the combination of the receiver tracing and weighting factors.


The receiver tracing factor is based on the sales quantity in the example below.

We use fixed amounts taken from the cost center. We have 5000 posted on the cost center.

We have one receiver 'industry' with values '0001' to '0003'.

In the receiver tracing factors you have record type F with the values shown below.

(Please note that for costing based CO-PA we check this in CE1XXXX table but for account based CO-PA we check this in COEP or ACDOCA in SFIN.

When checking in ACDOCA ensure you are checking line items where ACCASTY=EO.)

In the receiver weighting factors you have the values shown below

The final calculation of the tracing factors and the amounts is shown below

Above you can see that the tracing factors also include the company code and business area. The logic is that if the company code is not specified as receiver we will inherit the company code from the sender cost center. We cannot summarize the data over multiple sender cost centers since when we post the allocation the sender cost center (SKOST) needs to be captured in the posted CO-PA document. Since there is 1:1 relationship between a cost center and company code (one cost center can be assigned to only one company code) this will not cause any dis-aggregation of the data over the company code. Same logic applies to business area.


The final tracing factors are calculated by multiplying the receiver tracing factors with the receiver weighting factors.

Industry 0001: (20 / 100) X 200 = 40

Industry 0002: (30 / 100) X 200 = 60

Industry 0003: (50 / 100) X 300 = 150

The allocated amounts are calculated by multiplying the final tracing factors with the amount to be allocated

Industry 0001: (40 / 250) X 5000 = 800

Industry 0002: (60 / 250) X 5000 = 1200

Industry 0003: (150 / 250) X 5000 = 3000


If you want the values to be distributed exactly according to the receiver weighting factors then you should use 'Fixed Portions' instead of 'Variable Portions' in the receiver tracing factors. In this case the receiver tracing factors will not be read from the posted data.

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