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Reset company code data



You would like to reset company code data in some cases, for example error message No. FC140 is got when you try to change Chart of Accounts for productive company codes in T-code OBY6.



Transaction codes OBR1 and OBR2 can be used to reset company code data. Please perform as the following steps:

  1. Run T-code OBR2 with the following selections:

     Delete G/L Accounts  X
     With General Master Data  X
     In Company Code  XXXX (enter desired company code)
     Test Run  X
     G/L account detailed log  X

  2. Review the Test run log. 

     Only the G/L company code data (segment SKB1) should be marked for deletion, i.e., the G/L general data (segment SKA1) should still exist.

  3. Rerun step 1 with Test run clicked OFF. 

     This will perform the actual deletion of company code data for the related G/L accounts.


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The SAP conversion services in Germany offer a charge conversion service for the chart of accounts conversion.
With this service, all master data, transaction data and customizing data is converted to the new chart of accounts in all SAP-standard applications. 
You can find more information in SAPNet with the alias SLO: -> Data Harmonization  or  Web Link:

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