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UPDATE on October 2017 IMPORTANT REMARK FOR COMPANIES ALREADY USINIG SAP SOLUTION FOR SII: The notes mentioned in KBA 2545032 have to be applied as soon as possible.

UPDATE on 23.06.2017 SII Note for version 1.0 (productive) is now released. Refer to note 2492523 - SII (Version 1.0) - Corrections and preparation for productive

UPDATE on 13.06.2017: SII  notes for version 0.7 are now released. Refer to note 2485757 - SII (Version 0.7) - Overview 


UPDATE on 10.05.2017: SII  notes for SII are now released.

Their numbers are:
2448460 SII - Overview of prerequisites for the installation and the use of SAP Solution for Suministro Inmediato de Informacion del IVA 
2448568 SII - Prerequisite objects for the note 2448369 
2448369 SII - Main objects for SAP solution for Suministro Inmediato de Informacion del IVA.
2448464 SII - Proxies 
2448523 SII - AIF mapping Class, prerequsite objects for AIF connector BAdI. 
2448924 SII - AIF connector and AIF customizing

Take into acount that after these first 6 XX-CSC-ES-FI notes for SII are released, there will be other notes with the adjustments for SII version 0.6 and 0.7

Companies applying the monthly refund scheme (REDEME, Model 340) have some "benefits". See resolution section of version 3 in note 2420034: "Los sujetos pasivos que apliquen el SII desde el 1 de julio de 2017, salvo aquellos inscritos en el REDEME, estarán obligados a remitir los registros de facturación del primer semestre de 2017 en el período comprendido entre el 1 de julio y 31 de diciembre de 2017".

Tasks that should be done in advance, are detailed in KBA 2431611 "SII. How to start before May 2017 ".


What is SII?

SII (Suministro Inmediato de Información) "Immediate Supply of Information", Spanish Legal reporting approved by RD 596/2016, is a new legal change in Spain that require from certain taxpayers to provide the data related to invoices, issued and received, to the tax authorities, within a four-day timeframe as of the moment they issue or receive an invoice.

In case of reception (vendor invoices) could be 4 day timeframe as of the moment the invoices are posted into the accounting system.



When will be mandatory?

SII will come into force on July 1, 2017


Who will be affected?

This new system will be compulsory for all taxpayers which:

• Form part of a VAT group or

• Are considered a large size company (Turnover of more than 6.010.121,04 €) or

• Are applying the monthly refund scheme (REDEME), in terms of SAP executing Tax re-turn form 340 (RIFDESM340).

On a voluntary basis, any other company can also apply for it.


Will SAP develop a solution?

The solution is planned to be available not earlier than May 1, 2017.



Further information:

Registered "S" users can go to , Select Financials. and request access for the specific Spain SII Jam Group , where SAP shares key information with customers, and partners.


Important Notes to read:

2431611  "SII. How to start before May 2017 ".

Note 2409025  "Issuer Invoice number - Length of reference document number (BKPF-XBLNR) limited to 16 characters length."

The solution is planned to use the eDocument Framework.  For more information read  Note 2134248. (Note 2134248 has been updated on 06.02.2017 with more accurate information.)

KBA 2420034  "SII retroactive first term 2017. XBLNR: duplicate info?"

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