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Sales-Based Rent Settlement Steps


The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to Sales-Based Rent Settlement Steps.


Checking the sales-based rent settlement, will find that there are some steps like "GET 01 Determination of contracts", "CALC 02 Calculation of Sales based rent settlement" "MODI 03 Processing of sales based rent settlement" "CP 04 corresponding" "SB 05 Simulation of Posting cost" "BC 06 Posting of sales-based rent in financial accounting". All of the steps will have different processing in the system.

Sales-based settlement is performed in a series of settlement steps. These settlement steps are dependent on the settlement method (simulation or actual settlement).

The following steps can be simulated as well as actually executed:

  • Determination of contracts: This step is redundant if you are only settling one contract (contract number)
  • Calculation of sales-based rent
  • Correspondence
  • Posting

The following steps can only be performed directly:

  • Processing of sales-based rents
  • Posting of sales-based rent to Financial Accounting


Once the settlement is executed in update mode, the system log will be saved in table VISRSTATUS, with the field LASTSUCCSTEP. For example, if there is any error occurred in the second step "CALC 02 Calculation of Sales based rent settlement", which means, only for first step "GET 01 Determination of contracts" was successfully executed, then in table VISRSTATUS, the field LASTSUCCSTEP will be equal to GET.


In flexible real estate, the processes will generate a process id, and saved in table VICAPROCESSID.  this table is contacted with table VISRSTATUS by the field "PROCESSGUID". 

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