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It will help you to understand how Automatic Payment Program selects one Partner Bank Type (BVTYP) from Vendor master data if multiple partner bank type details are maintained.


You have maintained multiple Bank account details in Vendor master data and in automatic payment run you are expecting Partner Bank Type (BVTYP) say Y to be picked but system is selecting BVYTP as X.

How Partner Bank Type (BVTYP) is selected by Automatic Payment Program

The system selects the bank with the lowest Partner Bank Type (BVTYP), this means that a bank, which has no BVTYP will be, selected first, then one with AAAA, then BBBB.

Program F110SFB0, form banken_partner_lesen.


sort xbank by bvtyp banks bankl bankn.

Due to the system design, the bank data is not company code specific. This means that in case of automatic payment, the bank is determined from all banks, which are in the vendor master. The banks are sorted by partner bank type, bank country key, bank number and bank control key. Starting from the first one, each bank checked. After that, the first bank, which has passed the check, is selected.

Below are two scenarios to explain it in detail:

  1. If you have partner bank type (BVTYP) defined for all the vendor bank details maintained, then automatic payment program will sort the vendor bank details based on BVTYP and the vendor bank with BVTYP sorted as first will be selected for vendor payment.

    For example, you have the following entries available in vendor master for payment transaction.

     Ctry                 Bank Key                   Bank Account             Partner bank type (BVTYP)
     DE                  0003234134                  12345668                            0002
     DE                  10000001                      00001212                            0003
     DE                  67270003                      12345679                            0001

    The system will sort BVTYP, so it will be in order:


    So, in this case BVTYP 0001 will be selected i.e. bank details with bank key 67270003 and Bank account 12345679 is used for payment.
  2. If you have partner bank type (BVTYP) partially defined or not defined, for vendor bank details maintained then automatic payment program will select the first entry available in vendor master payment transactions for vendor payment.

    For example, you have the following entries available in vendor master for payment transaction.

    Ctry                  Bank Key               Bank Account            Partner bank type (BVTYP)
     DE                  0003234134              12345668
     DE                  10000001                  00001212
     DE                  67270003                  12345679                           001

    Then, bank details with bank key 0003234134 and Bank account 12345668 is used for payment.

If you have mentioned Partner Bank Type (BVTYP) during document posting then the same BVTYP will be picked in automatic payment program for that document because fields maintained during document posting like BVTYP, payment method etc. are selected in payment program since these are specifically mentioned.

Using Business Transaction Event 00001810 as an alternate solution

If you need system to pick specific bank data during automatic payment program then another solution is to use the Business Transaction Event 00001810.

In Release 4.0A, process interface 00001810 has taken the place of the customer exit. This interface provides more bank selection options. Two tables with house banks and business partner bank details permitted for the standard view are transferred to one of the function modules called in this process in addition to payment information (payment method, currency, amount). You can mark any entries in these tables that are not yet required. The standard bank selection will then only use those entries that were not marked. You can make a definition explicitly (leave only one permitted bank in each table), define only one of both banks, restrict the selection in another way. This allows you to take advantage of the following functions that cannot be shown in standard Customizing.

  • Select business partner bank details depending on currency
  • Select house bank depending on the size of the payment amount
  • Default proportional distribution of the entire payment amount to various banks. Further information on open interfaces (Business Transaction Events) can be found in Open Interfaces in Financial Accounting (Open FI).

If you want help with the BTE, you have to contact with a consulting department.

As it is written in documentation for this BTE: "The purpose of this interface is to provide a way of individually determining which of its own bank details and which Partner Bank Detials should be used for a payment."

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