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There are many internal tables needed to be checked when debuginng.  The following are the main internal tables when posting like in T-code FB01.

Part 1 - Before udpate posting

1. XBKPF  -> Collects the headers of the new documents to be posted

2.XBSEG -> Collects the items of the new documents to be posted.

3. For tax line items:T_BSEGT-> XBSEGT->BSEG->XBSEG-> at last update into BSEG/BSET…… with commit work

4.Other internal tables which are appended in Routine to be appended in Routine MODULE ZEILE_SPEICHERN -> FORM BUCHUNGSZEILE_MERKEN

5.YBSEG/D/C/T, YBKPF: Data from reference documents( exampleFBR2 in PAI MODULE REFERENZBELEG_LESEN. Of SAPMF05A)

6.XBSEG/C/D/T: Collects the items of the new documents to be posted.
7.SALTAB: For each company code (and one item for all company codes) total debit, total credit in all amounts (SAPFF014).

Part 2 - update
1.Append index tables like vendor

2.Insert BKPF

3. Insert BSEG

4. Insert into BSEG, BSI*  and so on

5. DB Insert like BSIK & BSIS

6. After commit work, then update work process is triggered.