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Why subsequent posting?

  • l  Customer creates a new ledger in the middle of the fiscal year and wants to populate it with the year-to- date transactions (or even with transactions of former years)
  • l  Something might have gone wrong during the online-update of a ledger -> Delete ledger transaction data and repopulate
  • l  Psychologically: Feeling of data security (all ledger transaction data can be rebuilt from the original documents)


Different transactions depending on the source of the original data:
FI:  program RGUREC10(t-cd: (GCU1))
CO Actual : program RGUREC20(GCU3)
CO Plan : program RGUREC50 (GCU6)
MM: program RGUREC30 (GCU4)
SD: program RKEPCU40 (GCU5)



The programs RGUREC10, RGUREC30, RKEPCU40 and RGUREC50 are used by applications different from FI-SL (CO, EC-PCA, FI-LC,...), too (depending on the transaction code)

  • That’s why these programs have to be started by transaction codes or out of the menu (when they are started by program -> execute error message appears)
  • That’s why there are many OSS notes from various applications whenever you search with e.g. ‘RGUREC10’
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