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TRM Hedge Accounting LogThis flag in Tcode TPM1 creates a log. A button in TPM13 shows the log. In Tcode THM80 too.Available from EhP5Log
 TRMAmortization Log (see also ANALYSE_AMORT)This flag in Tcode TPM1 creates a log. A button in TPM13 shows the log.Available from EhP5Log
 TRMOK Code: ANALYSE_AMORT (Predecessor of Amortization Log! Not supported anymore.)OK Code in TPM13/TPM12 to receive XLS with amortization calculation.SAP note 984418 and other related SAP notes. For releases lower than EhP5 as later you can use Amortization Log.Troubleshooting
 TRMOK Code: ACCUMULATOR and ACCUMULATOR_ALLOK Code in TPM13. You can use this technical tool to analyse TRM positions.SAP note 973957.Troubleshooting
 TRMReport RTPM_TRD_BUSTRANSID_TRACKERA report to analyze TRM business transactions in different position management ledgers and tables. The tool includes flags for derived business transactions and posting status.SAP note 1015952.Troubleshooting
 TRMReport RTPM_TRL_REPAIR10Repair program to update Position Change Category for Update  Types in Cash Flows if customizing changed.Report is documented as comment at the beginning of the coding (see SE38 or SE80).Customizing adjustment tool
 TRMError mesage TPM_TRL063Search for SAP notes and KBAs using more relevant information. The error message explains the reason of inconsistence in the error log.SAP notes 520654 and 2082764. The error is self-explaining from the error log.Troubleshooting
 TRMReport ZRTPM_BW_EXTRACTTest report to debug BW extraction from TRM. It can be used for a single business transaction and specific time period.
 ABAP/hHow to debug? With OK code: /h
 ABAP Debugging with a shortcutCan´t enter /h at a pop up?  'Generate a Short Cut' , (Type: 'System Command', Command: '/h',  Location 'Desktop'). Drag and drop the icon from your desktop to the pop up.
 ABAP SNOTESNOTE is updated before implementing notes, and when problems implementing or downloading notes exist.KBA 1940479.SAP note implementation tool
 ABAPSNOTE Troubleshooting ReportsSCWN_NOTES_SUCCESSORS_CALC: Dependent SAP Notes affected if an SAP Note to be de-implemented. SCWN_PREREQUISITE_CALC_SWI: Prerequisite SAP Notes. SCWN_OBJECT_LIST_CALC_SWI: ABAP objects employed by an SAP Note. SAP note 2258238  Troubleshooting
 ABAP SE11ABAP Dictionary

 ABAP SE16Data browser (database tables)

 ABAP SM30Maintain table views (find them in customizing).

 ABAP SE36Logical databases

 ABAP SE80ABAP Object Navigator

 ABAP SE18, SE19BAdI (User Exit) and Enhancement Spot - Definition and Implementation

 ABAP SE91Where used list for a message number helps to display the "suspicious" code to start  root cause analysis.

 ABAP SM13Update manager

 ABAP ST22Dump analysis

 ABAP ST01System trace

 ABAP ST05, SATPerfomance trace

 Search ANST Automated Note Search ToolReplicate a transaction or program and get a trace with all the ABAP objects used/executed during the replication. Once the trace is generated, you have the options to: 1) Search for SAP Notes. 2) Problematic Custom Coding. 3) Missing Customizing Entries. 4) List of ABAP objects to start debugging.Note 1818192. Available as of release 740 SAP Basis Component and included in Support Package in releases 700, 701, 702, 731Help search
 Search PANKSA new button in Performance Assistant enables context sensitive SAP Notes and KBAs search.Note 2096401. Released with note 2020356 and included in Support Package in releases 700-740 of SAP Basis Component.Help search
 SearchHow we search [VIDEO]Best search strategy for SAP notes, KBAs and other documentation KBA 2172375Help search
 SearchHow to search for KBAs, SAP Notes, product documentation and SCN [VIDEO]Best search strategy for SAP notes, KBAs and other documentation KBA 1540080Help search
 SearchHow to get best results from an SAP search? [VIDEO]Best search strategy for SAP notes, KBAs and other documentation KBA 2081285Help search

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