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When you post documents there is Runtime Errors:  SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC.

And you find the reason is that the value of number range GL_RECID is
lower than the actual value in the SL table.


The possible reason for the number range object GL_RECID has been reset
    are listed as below, but the corresponding transaction data is not resetting:

  - Transport
  - Client Copy
  - Manual Change (see transaction SNRO)


To solve this error, compare the status of the number range object GL_RECID (trans. SNRO)
with the largest record number (field GL_SIRID) in your FI-SL line item
table (you can determine the largest record number, for example, using
transaction SE17 or by means of a single-line ABAP). If the current
number level is smaller than the largest record number, increase it (to
the largest record number).

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