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  • Purpose

The purpose of this page is to share the technical/business information about the different status(active or de-active) of open item is displayed via on-line clearing transaction codes and batch input(like SHDB)

  • Technical and Business information

  1. If field POSTAB-XAKTP is set to “X" in perform postab_daten of SAPMF05B, then the item will be displayed in clearing transaction with active status in on-line transaction code like F-32
  2. If the posting date of OIs more recent than the posting date of the clearing document, then  POSTAB-XAKTP is set to Space.
  3. In Batch input processing like SHDB, if the posting date of OIs more recent than the  posting date of the clearing document, then  POSTAB-XAKTP is set to X, not Space. The reason is when clearing via batch input, system often analyze the items to be cleared previously, for example, the account statement. This is a standard system design.
  • Example1 in F-32:


  1. Posted 2 OIs with different posting date

  2. Clear them in F-32 with posting date
  3. Check the status of OIs in "Process open item sub screen SAPDF05X 5102", one with posting date earlier is activated and another one with recent posting date is deactivated
  • Example2 in SHDB:

  1. Create new recording in SHDB 
  2. Enter the same parameters with F-32
  3. Both of 2 OIs are in active status.
  •  Check the source codes when and where the status of OI for document 10001526 is set to "active".

  • Hence it is a standard system behavior. If you still want to keep the behavior same with on-line transaction codes, that the more recent posted open items displayed as de-activation when doing batch input processing, kindly please condider to implement the attached modification note:573498.


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