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This document is to introduce the logic to fill field trading partner (VBUND) when posting one FI document.


When posting one FI document, it is possible to have different trading partners in different line items. It is also possible to have unique trading partner in different line items.  It is controlled by the configuration of the relevant document type.

Detail configuration:

There are 2 flags in the configuration of each document type:

  1. Inter-company posting
  2. Enter trading partner

You can check it with OBA7:



You will get different result within different combinations of those 2 flags:

    • Both are switched OFF:

   If the trading partner is maintained in G/L account, vendor or customer master data, VBUND is copied to all document lines. VBUND is unique in FI-document.

    • "Inter-company post." switched on
      "Enter trading partner" switched off:

   The company ID (trading partner) is not inherited to other items since this document type is allowed to do cross-company postings.

    • Both switched on:

   You can enter a trading partner when posting to a G/L account if no trading partner is stored in the G/L master record.  In this case, the company ID specified manually is entered in all line items that not yet received a company code from the customer or vendor master record.

    • "Inter-company post." switched off
      "Enter trading partner" switched on:

VBUND can be entered for the whole document. Only possible for G/L accounts, which don't have VBUND maintained in the master data. VBUND entered in the document header will be transferred to all line items.  In FI directly posting, you can enter VBUND as below figure:




Related SAP Notes/KBAs

You have set XMGES = 'X' and XGSUB = 'X' for the new document type and you cannot enter the trading partner (greyed out), please check:

SAP Note  1788600  EnjoySAP: VBUND not ready for input after doc. type 


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