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The transaction type in Asset Accounting classifies the business transaction.  The transaction type controls various system activities when business transactions are posted.


The object that classifies the business transaction (for example, acquisition, retirement, or transfer), and determines how the transaction is processed in the SAP system.

The transaction type is the basis for the assignment of the business transaction to a column in the asset history sheet. Every transaction type belongs to a specific transaction type group.


Section 1

A transaction type consists of 4 parts in general:
1, Transaction type name and which transaction type group the transaction type is assigned 
2, Account assignment, where to define transaction type is Debit or Credit
3, Posting type that defines if a transaction can be post to an affiliated company code on Gross value or Net value
4, Other features including consolidation transaction type, Asset history sheet group and so on 

Section 2

General procedure to create a transaction type, for example, to create a retirement transaction type and restrict the transaction type to area 01 only
1, User transaction code AO74 to create and define a retirement transaction type 299 by referring transaction type 200

2, Use transaction type OAXB to restrict transaction type 299 to depreciation area 01 only

Section 3

Relationship between transaction type definition and depreciation area restriction for different transactions can be found out in below link: 

Mapping transaction type definition and depreciation area specification


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