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The purpose of this page is to clarify questions regarding the creation of Transaction variants, Screen Variants by means of transaction SHD0. This document intends to provide a detailed step-by-step description on how to maintain screen variants via transaction SHD0.



With the creation of transaction variants you can change the layout of the screen. Transaction variants are actually made up of a series of screen variants. The field values and settings for each screen in the transaction variant are stored in a screen variant. These screen variants are preferred for clearness and transparency: the system administration should create (centrally) screen variants according to the needs of the users and provide them as a pool to the users, who can now assign certain screen variants to their personal work queue (see note 430830).

Transaction Variants

In order to create a new transaction variant following steps should be performed in transaction SHD0:

  1. Run transaction SHD0

  2. Choose the transaction you want to create a variant, in the example we will use FB50

  3. Go to the tab “Transaction Variant”

  4. Choose a name for the transaction variant

5. Click on create (white page icon), the system will prompt you for the company code for which you create the transaction variant

6. Enter the company code


7. You will be asked to confirm the screen settings. The flag “Copy settings” is flagged

Click on continue


8. The screen of transaction FB50 is displayed


9. Perform your changes. In this example the Details tab will be put as invisible

Exit and save


10. The following screen is displayed

11. Click on “Save”.

12. You will be requested for a package, choose the package and hit save.

13. The message will be displayed that the transaction and screen variants have been saved.


14. In SHD0 the created transaction and screen variants are now listed:

The transaction variant can now be tested in the Initial Screen by Clicking on the 'Test' Button.


The transaction will be displayed as per the variant settings, the Details tab is hidden:



Assign the transaction variant to the transaction

  1. Run transaction cod SE93. Enter your new transaction code – in this example Z_FB50 and click on the 'Create' Tab



2. In next screen enter the short text and select the radio button of 'Transaction with variant (variant transaction)' and click on Enter.


3. On the next screen enter a text in 'Transaction' & 'Transaction Variant' field.

4. Assign a package

5. A success message about the transaction creation is displayed

6. Now run your newly created transaction code which has the new transaction variant assigned to it



Screen Variants

Before creating the screen variant check table 'TCVIEW' as there should be no entries in this table for TCPROGRAM='SAPLFSKB'. (Please refer to note 1660466)

With those entries removed, the following steps should be performed in transaction SHD0 in order to create new screen variants:

  1. Run transaction SHD0

  2. Choose the transaction you want to create a variant, in the example we will use FB50 (program SAPLFSKB)

  3. Go to the screen variant tab; choose a name for the screen variant select the program and the screen

4. Choose create, the system will redirect you to the transaction

5. Now it is possible to determine the desired layout moving the columns and setting its width in the line item block (SAPLFSKB 0100), in this example we will move column “Tax Jurisdiction”


The column “tax jurisdiction code” is right after the column “tax code”.


In the example we switch it with column ”Assignment”


It is also possible to enter some values if you want to preset a value for some fields

6. After you finish the desired changes, press enter

7. Choose a name and a short text for the variant and flag fields “Copy settings”, “Adopt column sequence” and “Adopt column width”

8. Choose “Exit and Save”

9. The screen variant will be displayed for review. Click on “Save”

10. You will be requested for a package, choose the package and hit save

11. The screen variant has now been created.

12. In order to select the created screen variant in transaction FB50 go to menu Edit -> Screen variant -> Select screen variant





Please note that the "Screen variant” function is only available for the G/L block screen (Program SAPLFSKB / Dynpro 0100), hence only the variants that are created for SAPLFSKB (0100) are listed in the F4-help of the screen variants in the Enjoy transactions.


13. The line item block (SAPLFSKB 0100) will be shown accordingly to the layout that you have configured for the selected screen variant


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