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VAT, Accounting

  • Creation of Parked Incoming Tax Invoices (transaction J1UF_PKDTIV)
  • Checklist for Incoming Tax-Relevant Documents (transaction J1UFRON)
  • Creation of Outgoing Tax Invoices (transaction J1UFTVG)
  • Printing of Outgoing Tax Invoices (transaction J1UFPODNAC)
  • Printing of Outgoing Correction Tax Invoices (transaction J1UFCORRPODNAC)
  • Checklist for Outgoing Tax-Relevant Documents (New) (transaction J1UFRVN_NEW)
  • Checklist for Outgoing Tax-Relevant Documents (transaction J1UFRVN)
  • Register of Incoming and Outgoing Tax Invoices (transaction J1UF_IN_OUT)
  • VAT Return (transaction J1UFTAX21)

Profit Tax Return

  • Execute Closing Reports (transaction J3RTAXCE)
  • Profit Tax Report (transaction J3RTAXDC)
  • Special Ledger Transactions (transaction J3RTAXJR)
  • G/L Accounts in Profit Tax Hierarchies (transaction J3RTAXLA)
  • Unassigned Accounting Documents (transaction J3RTAXUL)
  • Delete FI-SL Documents (transaction J3RTAXDE)
  • Transfer Tax Differences to FI-SL (transaction J3RPBU18DT)
  • Post Tax Differences to FI-GL (transaction J3RPBU18DP)