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This document is to introduce the field update currency (BSEG-PSWSL) and update currency amount (BSEG- PSWBT) in one FI document line item.


In SAP system, there are different currency types in each FI document line item:

  1. Document currency:  Document header (BKPF-WAERS), amount in  line item (BSEG-WRBTR)
  2. Local currency :     Company code (T001-WAERS), amount in line item (BSEG-DMBTR)
  3. The second and Third Local currency: OB22 configuration , T001A- CURTP and T001A- CURTP2
  4. Update currency:   Currency in Line item (BSEG-PSWSL), amount in  Line item (BSEG-PSWBT)

The document currency is determined in the document header and is identical for all items of the document. The local currency is defined for a company code and identical in every line of every document of the company code.

Why we need update currency in each line item?  When posting on FI document, system will update line item tables, for example, BSEG, BSIS and FAGLFLEXA.  System will also update total table to keep the balance in the relevant G/L account, for example, table GLT0 and FAGLFLEXT.  Usually, system will update balance for one G /L account with document currency.  But In some situation, we only want to keep balance in specific currency, for example, local currency.  That is the reason we need update currency in each line item to identify which amount and currency is updated in balance table.

The update currency depends on the account control (only for G/L accounts):

  • If the 'Only manage balances in local currency' flag (SKB1-XSALH) is set in the master record of the relevant account, then the update currency is ALWAYS the local currency (BSEG-PSWSL = T001-WAERS).
  • If the flag is not set, as well as for all sub-ledger accounts, then the update currency is generally the document currency (BSEG-PSWSL = BKPF-WAERS).
  • Exception:
    The document was created in the course of a clearing. For an account with open item management as well as all sub-ledger accounts, the balance must always correspond to the total from the open items. If you then clear a document with document currency DEM with a document in USD, then a balance of zero must also result with respect to update currency. For this reason, the system updates the clearing document with the update currency of the source document, or the clearing document contains additional lines in order to bring the balance in every update currency to zero.

Usually you will meet below behavior and they are caused by update currency:

  • While clearing, the system generates unanticipated additional lines
  • Line item display (FBL3N), for a selection with currency CUR, the system displays documents which document currency is not CUR.
  • Balance display FS10N, when you select a certain currency, for example, EUR, and drill-down for the items, then the system displays documents with currency different from EUR.
  • A comparison between line items (FBL3N) and balances (FS10N) seems to indicate difference
  • Document display (FB03), In the 'General ledger currency' field, the system displays an unanticipated currency


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