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The Value Flow Monitor in transaction CKMVFM: valuable information after the period-end closing in Material Ledger. How to check that all values initially posted to price difference accounts have been allocated to Consumption or to Ending Inventory after period-end closing in Material Ledger?


In Material Ledger, the reports CKMVFM (Value Flow Monitor for materials), CKMACD (Value flow monitor for activities) and CKMREDWIP (Value Flow monitor for reduced WIP) are available to detect incomplete value flows. 

These reports can be executed after all value allocating CKMLCP steps (all steps before Post Closing).

Please, check the following SAP notes for further information:


  • 744090 - Value Flow Monitor: Explanation and recommendations.
  • 1664179 - Poor performance in Value Flow Monitor CKMVFM, or dump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED


Why the balance in price differences accounts is not zero?


  • With postings to materials with standard price control, price differences accumulate in FI.
  • In the period-end closing of the material ledger (ML), for materials that are ML active and price determination 3, the accumulated price differences can be further allocated to ending inventory or consumption.
  • Ideally, the Material Ledger can explode all price differences in this way, that is, the balance of all price difference accounts is zero in total.
  • This note describes which price difference accounts are to be looked at. It explains in which cases a balance remains on the price difference accounts after the period-end closing of the ML:

524289 - Material ledger: Balance on price difference accounts.


Run transaction CKMPDB (ML Price Difference Balance Monitor) if you are using Material Ledger Accelerator with SAP HANA


Pleas, kindly check the following SAP note:

1748452 - ERP Accelerators: ML Price Difference Balance Monitor.


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