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Error message KE350 is issued when the system cannot find the standard cost estimate via the customizing that has been maintained. If there are certain materials that should not be valuated
with a product cost estimate at all then we can offer a workaround. The purpose of this WIKI is to provide possible workarounds.


The picture below shows the typical error message KE350 displayed by the system in such cases

 The option to display the error message if no cost estimate found is only for that costing key. If it is flagged then the system will issue error message for that costing key and will not proceed. Else it will proceed further and then if the entire valuation is done and still no cost estimate found then error message will be issued.

There are 3 possible workarounds to suppress the error message KE350. The first one deals with suppressing the error message via customizing in transaction KE4J, the second based on SAP note 67240 uses a dummy material to suppress the error and the third workaround uses customizing in transaction KEPC to suppress the error message. The workarounds are explained below. Please read them carefully and choose the one which best fits your business requirement.


  • Option 1: Suppress the error message in transaction KE4J

Let me try to explain with the help of an example:
Let us say you have 2 material types: FERT and MERT. For MERT all materials under it should not be valuated with product cost estimate in CO-PA. For FERT there are 2 materials ABC and XYX. ABC should be valuated with product cost estimate in CO-PA but not XYZ. Now in rule one you define MERT with blank costing key. Also in rule one you define FERT with costing key ZO1 which ultimately leads to a standard cost estimate for material ABC.
In rule 2 you define FERT with blank costing key.

  • Option 2: Suppress the error message using dummy material

If you check the SAP note 67240 you will see that transaction KE4H is part of user exit. Basically in user exit U01 you identify the materials that you do not want to be valuated in product costing. You create only one entry in transaction KE4H for a dummy material. In user exit U01 you replace the actual material with the dummy material. No error message will be issued. Then in user exit U02 you replace the dummy material with the original material so that the characteristic value is not altered in COPA.

step1: in U01
        if material = abc or xyz or pqr (i.e. materials you do not want valuated in product costing)
        then x= material
        material = dummy

step2: in transaction KE4H make entry for dummy material

step3: in user exit U02 material = x (i.e. replace with original material)

  Maybe you can replace transaction KE4H with transaction KE4J and material with material type to get the desired solution. You can try this out.

  • Option 3: Suppress the error message in transaction KEPC.

To use function 'Assign Costing Keys to Any Characteristics' in order to assign the costing keys. When you create an assignment rule please make sure to include
field 'GLOBAL-XMES_FLAG' as a target field in your assignment rule. If you even want to suppress an error message in this case you should set the field GLOBAL-XMES_FLG to '2' in transaction KEPC as it is described in the customizing documentation. Please check the IMG documentation for more information on this. If you are using this option please make sure that you no longer assign any costing keys by means of the functions
         Assign Costing Keys to Products
         Assign Costing Keys to Material Types


You should be able to avoid valuation with a product cost estimate in CO-PA using any one of the options given above. This should only be used in case of certain materials which should not be valuated in CO-PA (like dummy materials). Else in other cases you should maintain the standard cost estimate in order to avoid the error message.

For these options to work you also need to switch off the flag "error message if no cost estimate found"

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