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I. Requirement

            Absence Quota is one of the most important parts in Time Evaluation of SAP HCM. With various request from customer, how can a consultant implement in SAP system? Today this document will give you more knowledge in Generating Absence Quota. Let’s start with customer’s expectation:

  1. Monthly Absence Quota is 1.667 days from second year.
  2. In the first year Accumulated 12 * 1.667 + 1.667 = 21.667 and generate in the 1st month of second year.

II. Solution

Only using V_T559L with T-Code SM30 / SM31, you don’t need to touch Time Schema, just keep standard schema.

Because of there are 2 different rule for generating, you have to create 2 Base Entitlement Rules.

First: from 12-13 months: quota is 21.667.

Second: from 13-999 months: 1.667 monthly.

Note: the employee’s DOJ is not fixed at the beginning of year, so we cannot maintain rule base on year.

1. Base Entitlement

Register 21.667 days for Absence Quota after 1 year.

As you can see, I created Rule for base entitlement 001 with sequentail number 001: Senirority: 012-013 months and Entitlement: 21.667 days.

I will keep Rule for base entitlement 001 but inceasing sequential number. Of-course Seniority is: 013 to 999 months.

After finishing configuration in Base entitlement, when goto selection rules, sheet Base entil you will see as below

Please look at carefully red rectangle, Key Date for Determining Seniority, choosing Start of Accrual Period. It will decide the first date of month that employee joined enterprise for calculating Seniority. For example employee joins 20th-Jun-2010, but thanks to configuration, 01st-Jun-2010 is used for determining Seniority. So in that case, Absence Quota will be started generating on Jul-2011. After finishing configuration, I will demo this case to you.

2. Other tabs

Base entitlement is the most important, other tabs just quickly capture.

III. Testing

The employee joined enterprise on 20th-Jun-2010.

After sucessully running PT60, you can see absence quota absolutely correct as below:

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  1. Thanks Woody!!!

    Its really helpful to solve my issue.



  2. Former Member

    Hello Woody, 

    Your post in PT have really helped me a lot. Thanks

    One more help please. I have a situation where the Employee gets a 30 days off after working for 11 months. for example if an employee joins in Jan 2012, from Dec 2012 onwards he gets a 30 day off every year Dec. 

    Your response would be highly appreciated.