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I. Requirement

Generation Absence Quota monthly for employee with rules below:

  1. Total annual Absence Quota is 21 days.
  2. Only Generation after 3 months joined enterprise.
  3. Every month equals 21 / 12 = 1.75 days.
  4. If employee joins after 15th, he will get 0 absence quota in the first month that he will start available.
  5. Absence Quota will be able to apply
  • From: the next of month Absence Quota generated
  • To: Infinity.
    • Example: Nov-2010 1.75 days generated for this guy, so 1.75 can be apply form 01.12.2012 until 31.12.9999

II. Solution

Table view Absence Quota configuration – V_T559L will help us to adapt the complicated request. However, the last point (4th above) is really difficult, we will suggest our customer another way:

If absence quota is lower or equal 0.875 (1.75/2), 0 will be assigned to Infotype 2006. Normally every month has 30 or 31 days, so if employee is hired after 15th, the rate is less than 0.5 (15/30). It’s the reason why 0.875 is a suitable value, every month has 1.75 days, so a half is 1.75/2 = 0.875.

After negotiation successfully, we will implement it into Time Management in steps below.

  • Grouping.
  • Register 21 days annually for Absence Quota & only start generating after 3 months of join ( point 1st and 2nd)
  • Automatically generate Absence Quota Monthly and validity period (3rd and 5th)
  • Rounding rule: if value of Absence Quota lower or equal 0.875, it will assign 0 (4th).

Let’s start.

1.      Grouping

Please refer link below to understand how to grouping:

NOTE: I will use Grouping: 02/08/01 for all configuration steps below. All will be done only in V_T559L. And Absence Quota type is 20 –  Sick Leave.

2.      Register 21 days annually for Absence Quota & only start generating after 3 months of join.

As you can see:

  • Seniority: 003-999 months: only start generation Absence Quota (20 Sick Leave) after 3 months.
  • Entitlement: 21 days (It’s total)
  • Related to period: Calendar year => 21 days is annual Sick Leave Absence Quota.

3.      Automatically generate Absence Quota Monthly and validity period.

  • Automatic: thanks this configuration, our Absence Quota will be created by Time Evaluation (PT60). Choosing Increase or Replace instead of No generate, in my case, Increase is my option. 

  • Monthly:

Note: click Take Account of Change of Work Center/ Basic Pay.

Pro rata calculation: the total value (annually 21) will be divided by 12 and assign to month.

If you choose No pro rata calculate: 21 will be used instead of expectation 21/12.

  • Validity Period 

Configuration as above, Sick Leave absence Quota will be generated monthly (it’ Validity interval) and available for apply from next month until 31.12.9999 (Deduction Interval) (point 5th in requirement).

4.      Rounding rule

Create rounding rule W1 as below:

00000 => 0.875: Target value is 0.

0.875 => 2: Target is 1.75.

After that, assign W1 to sheet Total entitl in Selection rules.

5.      Other sheets in my configuration:

III. Testing

I will give 2 demo examples. Employee 19717 was hired on 11th Jun 2010. After finishing 1st demo, I will change Hiring date from 11th Jun 2010 to 20th Jun 2010.

1.      DOJ is 11.06.2010

The value generation by Time Evaluation is 1.166667 (21/12*(30-11+1)/30). 

However thanks to Rounding rule W1, the Absence Quota in Infotype 2006 is 1.75:

2.      DOJ is 20.06.2010.

The value generation by Time Evaluation is 0.64167 (21/12*(30-20+1)/30)

But in IT2006, it’s 0.

It's done. If you have any solution for this requirement, please share it.



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  1. Unknown User (mzl3gna)

    Dear Woody,

    Thank you very much , It's very good scenario ,

    I have similar scenario,

    1. PL quota every month is 1.66667 ( this maintained in Base entitlement constant) (20 days Per year 20/12 =1.66667 per month.

    2. If employee joined before 15th then employee will recive 1.66667. if employee joined after 15th no quota on particular month.

    i have created Rounding rule as below:

    Seq no   Lower Limit     Upper Limit       Target Value

    001         0,00000          0,83335            0,00000

    002         0,83336          1,66667           1,66667        Roll ticked.


    in this configuration if employee joined on 15th May . it's giving 11 days quota on 31.12.2012.

    Kindly do need full .

    Kind Regards


  2. Please check your configuration:
    Sheet Accural Period: choose Monlth & Take Account ..
    Sheet Accural entil: Pro rata calculation
    and Important: Validity Period

    Have you configured as same as my guide? Please check 3 note I mentioned here and feedback to me (smile)



  3. Woody, Excellent post. Thank you for this very useful tip.