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This wiki page will explain how to activate change pointers for ALE distribution in the source system.  


Change pointers are really important in ALE functionality to transfer only changes made in the source system to the target system. This feature is not obligatory but is quite recommended, as it is much more optimal than regularly updating all the objects from PFAL even if they were recently changed or not. If you decide to use Change pointers, then after an Initial distribution, they need to be activated in your system in Transaction SALE.

Change Pointers:

  1.  Activate Change Pointers generally in Transaction SALE
  2. Activate Change Pointers for Message Type HRMD_A and HRMD_ABA in Transaction SALE

RBDMIDOC report:

This RBDMIDOC report generates IDOCs from Change Pointers. You can define and schedule a variant for this report. You will have to create a variant for your message type (for eg. HRMD_A) if none exists. In transaction SALE, you will need to execute this link which will run RBDMIDOC report.

To create a variant for this report, you need to run RBDMIDOC and then select Goto -> Variants -> Save as Variant. Once your variant is created, you just need to save it.


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