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This wiki will tell the reader how the roles for various E-Recruiting activities can be assigned via the Delegated User Administration.


In the E-Recruiting scenario, various roles are shipped for recruiter, recruiting administrator and manager etc and these need to be assigned once your backend customizing in PFCG is complete, via the delegated user administration in the portal itself.

In addition to the central roles assigned to each user in E-Recruiting (Role Assignment) you must also add roles to your user so they can navigate in the portal iviews for EP portal for MSS and ESS.

Step 1: Delegated User Administration

This can be done as follows:

First navigate to portal as administrator and select tab "delegated user administration"

Now  - you can select your user (either by username or personnel number) and then the option modify and tab "assigned roles"


 Step 2: Assigning roles.
The following 4 roles come as standard with the BP portal component and you must also ensure that your portal component is in sync with Basis and HR versions to avoid stack mismatch ( How to get rid of "stack mismatch" issues )

Recruiter: pcd:portal_content/

Recruiting Administrator: pcd:portal_content/

ESS (Employee):

MSS (Manager):
pcd:portal_content/ environment (Netweaver Business Client):

Search for the relevant role with the wildcard operator eg *recruiter*

And add all roles as required by clicking modify

You can also search for roles by searching for a different employee or user and checking the assignments this person has too.

Now when complete, press "save" and the role is added to top menu bar on the next refresh of the portal!

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