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Some consultants in SCN followed guidelines in 2 topics: Understanding Relationship PT and PY and Relationship Time Evaluation and Payroll to integrate Time Evaluation and Payroll in their SAP systems. However, they have faced some common issues, thus Amount was missed in payslip.

  •  Look at typical issue as below:

SHIFT ALLOWANCE is NULL in remuneration statement.
Following are my PCRs for the same.

1. PCR in Time Management

2. Have inserted the above rule in ZM00 (Time Schema)


4. Have inserted the above PCR in Payroll schema under XT00

  • I will explain why Amount was missed:

1. Where should the PCR be called in Payroll Schema XT00:

MUST be inserted after ZLIT in schema XT00. But in his system, he immediately putted after IMPRT B2. ZLIT is standard function to bring values in Time Evaluation into an internal table of Payroll (Place summarized ZL entries in IT). It's first mistake.

2. NUM = 200X in PCR ZSAL was Unnecessary, because in Time Schema, results are stored into field NUMBER of wage type.

3. PCR ZSAL was almost wrong. It must be changed as below:

RTE=IAAAA (constant in V_T511P, not T511K)

Why we have to use T511P, because paying salary,CURRENCY is mandatory  It's reason why we cannot use in T511K.

After fixing 3 mistakes above, your logic will be run smoothly.

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