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The standard programme RPCP45GN using T-Code PC00_M08_CP45 was exected  in live run on a particular date e.g. 01.09.2010 and the data has been generated in B2A manager,in a given release say ECC6.0

After 01.09.2010, the production system got upgraded to EHP4.When trying to submit the efiling through PB2A, submission fails with runtime errors/dumps with following :-

Exception                 CX_SY_IMPORT_MISMATCH_ERROR

The current ABAP program "HR_EFO_XI_ACCESS_TO_PCL4======CP" had to be  terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

The reason being, the proxy structure has changed on 01.09.2010 which means that the files you have generated before 01.09.2010 but not submitted yet would be corrupted. This is because the B2A manager uses the proxy structure to store the XML file in the PCL4 cluster and expects the same proxy structure to be used to read it back .

In the above  case, the structure of the proxy with which the XML file was stored(before 01.09.2010 )and the structure of the proxy with which the stored data is being read (after 01.09.2010)are different and hencethe behaviour is observed as above for these set of submissions.

Unfortunately, there is  NO work around/solution for these kind of issues . Hence the only option is to regenerate the files again and then submit the same to HMRC thru the B2A manager.

In future, all the B2A backlogs need to be  cleared before an upgrade is done to avoid any sucg inconsistencies.

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