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The purpose of this document is to give an overview of the new BSI version 9.0.  This new version will replace the actual BSI version 8.0 in the end of August 2011.


Through this document we will give the necessary steps to switch the version 8.0 to version 9.0 of the BSI Tax Factory.  Explaining with details the customized needed to run the BSI version 9.0 and still using the Version 8.0. Also, we will give some tips how to avoid issue that may occur during process of test of the tax calculation.

Enabling Tax Factory 9.0 via Switch

How it worked until Tax Factory 8.0 

In BSI Tax Factory 8.0 and before, the decision of which Tax Factory version should be used is taken by the payroll driver in the schema UTX0, you can acess this using transaction PE01.


and by the TaxLocator via the constant in view V_T511K, you can maintain it using SM30/SM31.

 How it works as of Tax Factory 9.0

With BSI Tax Factory 9.0, SAP introduced a switch concept that keeps the existing flexibility and gives customers a better comfort. The usage of the new BSI Tax Factory version is split into 2 steps:

(a) Specification of the version for the BSI Tax Factory customizing activities (in IMG), and

(b) Specification of the productive BSI Tax Factory version (for TaxLocator and tax calculation).

The new switch concept will be in place as of Tax Factory 9.0 and replaces completely the old concept.

There will be no immediate activity for customers after they have installed the HR Support Package or the CLC with the Tax Factory 9.0 deliveries. Their system will continue working with BSI Tax Factory 8.0 until they decide to upgrade to Tax Factory 9.0. The activation steps are fully integrated in the IMG for Payroll US below the chapter, transaction SPRO:

Payroll USA
SAP/BSI Interface

a. Upgrade step for the Customizing

In order to start the customizing activities the first step is to specify the version of the BSI Tax Factory that is relevant for the customizing. As standard, the value in this view is initial which is equivalent to Tax Factory 8.0. As soon it is changed to V90 the customizing will refer to BSI Tax Factory 9.0.

b. Go-live with the new version for a client

In this activity is specified for feature 10BSI which group of employees goes productive with version 9.0. In the delivered default setting from SAP the feature returns space which is equivalent to vers 8.0.

The activity is classified as mandatory, however does not need to be done immediately when the HR Support Package or CLC is installed. As long as the customer has only done the previous activity and specified version 9.0 for the customizing it will not affect the Tax Locator and tax calculation and they will continue working with version 8.0. The customer decides in activity (b) which version wants to use productively. Customer can continue with version 8.0 until all upgrade activities for Tax Factory 9.0 have been completed on BSI server.

c. Individual test via User Parameters

SET / GET Parameter BSI_TF_VERSION: in order to either enable individual testing of the new version before going live or to compare individual results of the old version after going live with the new version, a new user parameter BSI_TF_VERSION has been delivered. The version defined in the user parameter will override in non-productive systems the settings specified in the activities (a) and (b) above. In productive systems/clients this user parameter will be ignored.

d. What happen with payroll function UPAR1 and parameter BSI after the upgrade?

The version specified in the schema will be ignored, however the function call with parameter 1 equal BSI will keep obligatory. A change in the SAP standard schema will be delivered only after version 8.0 runs out of maintenance (scheduled for September 2011).

e. How do I know checking the the payroll log which version has been used?

 As of version 9.0 Payroll function UPAR1 for parameter 1 equal BSI will output a log with the information about the version as well as the installed TUB level.

Details about the calculation are completely defined within the BSI server as well as from BSI side itself together with the company and the authorities.

 How to upgrade to the minimum HR SP which enables the use of SAP Payroll in concert with Tax Factory 9.0

In order to work with Tax Factory 9.0 one of the following approaches below can be tried:

 a) HRSP: customers can install directly the HRSP relevant for their releases which include the packages for BSI TF 90. E.g. SAPKE60061.

 b) HRSP + CLC: or customers can install the Synchronization HRSP plus the Country-Legal-Change package created for their release. E.g. customers are at SAPKE60057 and apply CLC SAPKE60061.

 How to apply TUBs for TF 9.0

Tax Factory 9.0 has specific TUBs other than for TF 8.0. Once upgrading to TF 9.0 the system will be at TUB 010. It's advisable to apply TUBs up to the latest one in order to be up to date with the last changes. This information can be checked through, link Tax Update Bulletins.

How to apply the TUBs will depend on the way like each customer use to apply them, using cumulative or incremental methods. For each method will be provided below an example to apply TUB 31.

  • Cumulative: all the TUBs for 9.0 are cumulative. It means that if TUB 31 is applied directly it will install in all the tax changes delivered since TUB 10 up to 31.
  • Incremental: if the customer use to install the TUBs with the incremental method it will be necessary to apply each TUB since TUB 10 up to 31.

 How to obtain a machine key for TF 9.0

 What is a machine key?

  • A machine key is a mechanism used to control the operation of software. This key or file is generated specific to your environment and enables the software to function after various parameters have been verified.

 How are they used in BSI Tax Factory?

  • At BSI, machine keys are generated through the MyBSI support portal. Any server or workstation that accesses the BSI Tax Factory database must have a machine key installed. By providing information related to your system a machine key is generated specifically for your PC, server or workstation.

 Why are they used?

  • To prevent unauthorized use machine keys will be required for BSI Tax Factory 9.0 and subsequent releases. It is not necessary to obtain a new machine key to operate a cyclic release if a previous version has already been installed (TF9.0.a, TF9.0.b, etc…).

 How does this impact the BSI Tax Factory application?

  • Without a machine key, the BSI Tax Factory application will not function. After the machine key is installed, software application features and functionality will operate successfully.

 How do I obtain a machine key?

  • To obtain a machine key see the Technical Documentation page on MyBSI. You must provide information related to your release version, platform, host name and host ID for a machine key to be generated. Host ID is only required for non-Intel based platforms.

 Where can I find more information?

  • To learn more about machine keys see the Technical Documentation for BSI Tax Factory. You can also contact BSI Support at or 888.293.3413

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