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Checking the values returned by BSI in SAP tax calculations.


To verify the tax calculations from the BSI interface


An alternative methodology to analyse the BSI tax script and interpret the results from the SAP system

Section 1

To assist in troubleshooting of tax calculations, it is important that the calculations as returned from the BSI system are evaluated. SAP sends the script with parameters for calculation to the BSI engine, the BSI engine performs the calculation and returns the result to the SAP system. This guide is intended to provide some additional steps in order to evaluate the script through BSI in an alternative format which returns a more intuitive and comprehensive result to assist in troubleshooting.

Section 2

In order to access the script as sent to BSI, it is necessary to execute the payroll schema for an employee. To do this, run RPCALCU0 in test mode with a variant for the employee.

Once the payroll has run successfully, expand the schema until you get to the tax calculation area, in standard schemas, this resides under USTAX:

Look for node BSI interface, it is from here that we need to take the script information.

Copy the script in it’s entirety from the screen, and save it in a notepad document, and note it’s name and location.

Open BSI tax factory GUI from your desktop.

In the menu choose 'Test' and then 'Batch Test'.

Choose to create a new file and then copy the script from the  bsi interface file in USTAX in the schema. Begin the copy at  ATC ET all the way  down to the end, including all the data in the BSI interface.

 Run this test and examine the .out results, and this will show the results as returned by BSI in a more intuitive format.

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