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I have ever put an question in SCN in order to know how to calculate "Date Total" in month: in Feb just only 28/29 days, Mar normally is 31 :

However there was no good solution :( After that I have found a suitable solution to fit this requirement. I'd like to share it for you. Because I think whenever we touch Time Evaluation, this requirement will be requested from our customer.

Now let's start with the main important part in my solution. It's a PCR: creating 1 PCR in T-Code PE02:

ZCOU Calculate total date in month



        HRS=YXED   Set

        HRS-YXBD   Subtraction

        HRS+1      Addition

        ADDDB9W99Z Set day balance = 0

YXED mean: we will use the End date of Time Period - X (01.01.2000 it's constant), then assign to HRS.

YXBD: the same meaning with YXED but not last date, It's Begin date of Time Period.

next I will use current value in HRS + 1 and then add this value into Time Type 9W99.

Now just run and check time results. Hope it's correct. I will check for 4 month: Jan-2012, Feb-2012, Mar-2012 & Apr-2012. After running PT60, my results are 100% correct as below:

Jan-2012: it's 31 days

Feb-2012: it's 29 days

Mar-2012: It's 31 days

Apr-2012: It's 30 days.

As you can see, I only you standard operation / Function in SAP to resolve this issue.

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