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A user can cancel data that has already been recorded and saved in the time sheet by deleting, or changing to zero ("0), the cell contents (hours,  unit of measurement, amount) and, if necessary, the start and end clock times and the full day indicator. If you want the system to treat the record as canceled , the following fields must ¡be blank in the database table fo time sheet (CATSDB).  CATSHOURS (hours). CATSQUANTITY (number Unit), CATSAMOUNT (Amount), BEGUZ (start time), ENDUZ (End Time) and ALLDF (full day indicator).

Cancelation Process in relevant tables.

  • The database table for the Time Sheet (CATSDB). The original record is assigned the processing status 50 (change after approval) or 60 (canceled).

 Wich of these statuses the system first assigns depends whether or not the record must be approved. If appproval is requered, the system first assigns the record status 50 adn then 60 once it has been approved. If no approval is required fro the record, it is asiggend status 60 straight away.

The system creates a new record for the canceled record. The new record is linked to the original record by a reference counter. The reference counter of the new (canceled) record corresponds to the counter of the original record. Depending on your customizing settings, the new record may also need to be released or approved.

The same principle applies to records whose cell content (number of hours, unit of measurement, amount) is changed after approval to an amount other than zero. 

  • The Interface tables of CO, HR,PM, PS.

In the interface tables, the system creates an almost identical record with cancelation indicator (STOKZ) for a record in CATSDB with the processing status 60 (canceled). The new record has the same number of hours and document number in the interface tables as the original record and, in addition, a cancelation indicator.

The system use the document number from the link between the original and the cancelation record. The codument number is stored in the Human Resources interface tables (PTEX200 and PTEX2010) in the AWKEY field. In the other interface tables, you can find the document number in the BELNR field.

 If you cancel a record before it is transfered to the target components, the system transfers neiter the original nor the cancelation record. In Human Resources, both records reamin in the interface tables for the Human Resources. In the other traget components, the system  deletes the original record and the cancelation record form the interface tables.

If you cancel a record that   has already been tranfered to the target components, the system also transfer the cancelation record, that is the record assigned the cancelation indicator.

For Material management: If a record is canceled after it has been transfered. the cancelation record cannot be transfered to Materil management. In this case, the record must be canceled in Materials Management.

  • Posting Canceled records in the target components.

If a record is canceled before it is transfered to the traget componnets, the system transfers neither the original or the cancelation record to the target components. If the record is canceled after it has been transfered, the cancelation records are posted in the target componnets as follows:

  1. Controling: the system post the cancelation record as a negative record. If the original records, contains, for example, 8 hours, the system post the cancelation record with -8 hours.
  2. Human Resources: The cancelation indicator enables the system o recognize that both original records cancel each other out. The system deletes the original record form the relevant infotypes (PA2001, PA2002 and PA2010) based on this information.
  3. Plan Maintenace (PM) and projects system (PS): The system creates a reversal document in the relevant target component. Transfering canceled data to PM can adversely affect system performance. There are more information about into the reprots RCATSTPM or RCATSTPS.
  4. Material Management: A cancelation record cannot be transfered to Materisl Management. For this reason, you should only make chnages to records that have already been transafered in the Material Management component.


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