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This wiki page will help you to cascade the transports for tables that have delivered Class C, from client 000 to the other working clients and check table delivery maintenance class.


Following these instructions you should be check the table delivery class and you will be able to cascade the entries from client 000, with two options: in case you don´t have customized entries and if you have customized entries in the working clients.

How to check a table delivery class

You should go to transaction SE11:

Enter Database table -> Display -> Delivery and Maintenance -> Delivery class

Cascade transport without customized entries

If you DO NOT have any customized entries in these tables you can then at the Operating System level execute the command TP IMPORT and specify the client number you wish to apply the transports to. Note 13719 has some general information about TPIMPORT and references to related notes. In addition, executing the help command on the TPIMPORT command would be another good source of information.

Another way is to use the client copy function via transaction SCC1, which uses the CUST transport template to copy the data to non-zero clients.

Cascade transport with customized entries

If you have customized changes to the tables that has delivered class C, "Customizing table, maintenance only by cust., not SAP import" and DO NOT want to overwrite any of those changes, you should apply transport to your client 000. This will prevent you from losing your customized entries. You will then, have to follow the below directions using transaction SM30/SM31 to compare and adjust your customized entries.

1. Go to transaction SM30 or SM31 -> enter table name or table view -> select 'Maintain'

2. From the menu, choose 'Utilities' -> 'Adjustment' -> Enter the connection 'DVBCLNT000' (DVB = System, 000 = Client number) -> choose green check mark -> click green check mark on 'Notes on performance' dialog box

3. The screen will show all the entries. The one which is different from client 000 are shown with colors. You may select 'Change Filter' from the toolbar and turn off the check mark beside 'Identical' and choose the green check mark.

4. Now the screen will only show the difference. From the menu bar, choose 'Edit' -> Select -> Select All (if you want adjust all the differences).

5. From the toolbar, choose 'Adjust' -> 'copy all'

6. At this moment, you will still pink entries. These entries exist in client 150 but NOT in client 000. If you want to delete them, select 'delete all'. These are your customized entries, this is step is only if you want to delete, otherwise you don´t need to perform this.

7. Once you are finished, select enter and choose the green arrow (Back) and save your changes.

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1 Comment

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the post, very helpful.

    In regards to the section "Cascade transport without customized entries", I would like to suggest that the TP IMPORT command can be executed at O/S level with the option "unconditional mode 8" (U8), and which is equivalent to selecting the option "Ignore Non-Permitted Table Class" in STMS t-code.

    OS level example:

    tp addtobuffer L4HK000123 D11 pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAINABC.PFL

    tp import L4HK000123 D11 U8 pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAINABC.PFL