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For general information about PY-GB-related certificates, go to Wiki page PY-GB and HMRC Certificates 


How to check certificates loaded into PI systems having only a Java stack

Transaction STRUST cannot be used as this type of system does not have an ABAP stack.

Follow the below steps:

1) Open the SAP NetWeaver Administrator webpage of your PI system and log in. The format of the URL should be: “[PI server’s root link]/nwa”.

Example: “http://TESTSAPPIS:50000/nwa

Click on ‘Key Storage’:


2) You get to the "Certificates and Keys: Key Storage' page:


3) Double click on relevant certificate to see its details on the bottom of the page:


Make sure the latest certificate is loaded. Downloading it does not require any special methods – see the ‘Resolution’ section of Note 2012035.


The certificate might have multiple web addresses associated – scroll down to see the rest.

Example: is added to the COMODO certificate of You try to establish a connection to the DPS site The certificate’s ‘Subject name’ shows .

Download and open the certificate; scroll down to see whether ‘ ‘ is in the list.

You can also check whether the latest certificate available contains the address at section ‘Certificate Subject Alt Name’. See an example with the COMODO certificate of – the address ‘’  is in the list:


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