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Additional Actions (0302)

Dear Gurus,

As Hiring action is Time Constraint “1”, another actions like Transfer, Termination, and Promotion Not Possible on the same Day for the same “PERNR”.

However there will be instances like Transfer, Termination, and Promotion for the employee on the joining date.

This is possible through info type “0302”.Howver we don’t maintain this infotype manually. The additional actions will be recorded in “0302”.Through “additional actions” we can run the two actions on the same date. For example we can transfer the employee or promote the employee on the same day of hiring.

This Document comprises the process of activating additional actions.


Activation 'Additional Actions'

Navigation Path: SPRO->IMG Guide->Personnel Management->Personnel Administration->Customizing Procedures->Actions->Set up personnel actions->Activation 'Additional Actions'


  1. *T.Code:*OG00

Remove Test Run and Execute it.

  Step2: Mataining Switch .

Table: T77S0

Make sure that the switches ADMIN and semantic code ‘EVSUP’ Value Abbreviation Should be ‘1”

This activates the Additional Actions infotype (0302).

Step3: Setting Indicator U0302

Table: T529A

Tick the second “U” which is the indicator “U0302”, enables the additional action to get recorded in “0302”

****Except the Hiring Action Keep the Employment status a ‘Empty’ for all other actions.

Step4: Run Additional Action

Go to “PA40” and run promotion action for the same day.

PERNR: 99991501

Date Of Joining 01-01-2012

OLD Basic Pay

New Basic Pay:

Promotion Action Stored in “0000” on the date of Hiring.


Govardhan Reddy

SAP HCM Consultant


Disclaimer: This document does not contain the copyrighted content or material own by others. The coding or technical names used in the configuration screen shots are purely set as just examples and doesn’t belongs to the real time systems or material own by others. Any resemblance with the real time system or material own by others is  just a coincidence. The numbering, wording, coding are provided in screen shots are to give better understandings to the forum users. I am fully abide by the rules and regulations of the forum. The prime motive is to serve the forum users better.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Govardhan,  my config is done like the same way you mentioned  But I am still unable to see the two actions in each Infotype

    Can you please advise me