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SAP ECC 6.0 EhP 4.


There is a general requirement of having read-only views for personal information in ESS.This may arise due to either company policies or to in force statuary compliance.This article describes a way to achieve this using configuration and personalization.


Company:     PricewaterhouseCoopers
Created on:    08/08/2011
Author(s) Bio :Shankar Agarwal

I am a Certified SAP Netweaver consultant working for last 4 years, mainly in Portal,ESS/MSS and KMC. My technical expertise lies in integration of SAP systems within portal and development of custom applications using portal apis and WDJ.

Table of Contents

Its all in SPRO

The basic idea behind this blog is to achieve the results without going through any kind of development effort in existing ESS applications which are based on Webdynpro Java as per Ehp4.

We will use the Img setting "Determine Fields for Business Card on Area Page" to achieve this.As of now we are allowed to customize only the Overview screen from here.

Go to IMG and open ESS specific node and navigate to Employee Self Service->Service Specific Settings->Own Data->Customizing of Personal information Screens->Determine Fields for Business Card on Area Page

The Bank Information

In this example i will showcase how to customize Bank Information View (infotype 009).Chose the relevent country code and structure.

Choose the fields to be displayed on bizcard view.Save and exit.

The Other Side - Portal

We have configured the fields to be displayed on bizcard view.In Bank Information application Overview step is mapped to bizcard view.Now we just need to remove all the navigation links and roadmap UI elements from the iView using FPM personalization.Navigate to ESS role and drill down to Bank Information iView and select Preview.

Press ctrl+right mouse key and you will get FPM UI elements configuration screen.Hide all the UI elements which you do not require.

This completes the configuration.The new iView would look like this.

There is another way to achieve the desired result using authorization, will discuss about that in the next article.

Thanks to Rohit for functional input.

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