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This wiki article will address the steps to configure a trip schema for a country using the report RPRMORDE based on the trip schema "99" for International Accounting.


SAP Travel Management delivers country versions for various countries which incorporate the legal specifications, wagetypes and per diems native to that country various. More details on this can be found in the SAP note 110035 . Should you need to configure a trip schema for a country that does not have an official SAP delivered country version as part of the Travel Management application, then you can use the report RPRMORDE to help configure this based on the trip schema "99" which is an "International Accounting" trip schema version supplied with no deliverable wagetypes etc, so can be customized to your own requirement.

1. Copy the Trip Schema: RPRMORDE

Please first of all review carefully the documentation for RPRMORDE  - you have the option using this report to: delete a trip provision variant, copy trip provision variant and also restore or copy from delivery client, you can also use transaction PRCO for just the copy function but again same cautions should be exercised.

For the copy function:

With this function, you can copy a trip provision variant within the current client.
If the target trip provision variant does not yet exist, you need to enter a description in the logon language.
If the trip provision variant already exists, the system deletes the old entries before copying.

Now you can assign this to the respective employees and personnel area as required.

2. Copy the Tables:

You can also copy any of the tables (e.g if copying a trip provision variant already existing) by selecting the table control within RPRMORDE as below and uncheck any tables that you do not wish to copy:


Afterwards in the folder "trip provision variant" select the trip provision variant you want to copy from client 000 to yours and copy it to current client.

3. Points to note regarding copying of tables and wagetypes:  

N.B: Please note, when copying or deleting:
This program does not copy features or adapt them to new trip provision variants. Please adapt features TRV* if necessary to the new trip provision variants and generate them again.

With regard to wagetyoes, as we do not know how these wagetypes should be customized (how amounts are to be taxed etc.) for non country versions, customer responsibility exists to ensure these configurations are in compliance with local procedure and policies. In general, you can either create all the wage types required  and assign them to the expense types you are using. Or you may copy them from another country grouping and change them. All wage types delivered for travel expenses are named as MJ** (in wage type group 00TR).

3. Customize the Trip Schema in transaction FITVFELD/FITVFELD_WEB:

Please maintain the trip schemas for the defined trip provision variant in V_T706S. Afterwards the shemas will show up in transaction code
FITVFELD and FITVFELD_WEB and adjust customizing where required in TRVPA for various features.

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