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As you know, we don't have option CREATING NEW WAGE TYPE in SAP. If you are working in a country grouping that SAP has not supported any standard Payroll schema yet, you cannot find any existing wage type to copy. There are a lot of questions involving this issue as well. So in this document you can find solution for the common issue.


You need some steps below

1. Using T-Code SE38 to set a breakpoint in program MPU30O01 on this line  IF SYSTEM = SAP_SYSTEM

2. Start transaction OH11 and in debugging, change the value of SYSTEM to SAP

3. Now go inside OH11, you will see option "Copy between country groupings Ctrl +Shift + F12"

From there you can copy new wage types from wage types in country grouping 99.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Woddy

    It seems to be very useful technique; but im stuck at 2nd point i cant access the option to enter the variable value to SAP as you have suggested.would you please  elaborate further.

    Kindest regard

    Altaf (altaf.apt at gmaildotcom)